Best Foods For Hair Part 2

Healthy hair starts from the inside – that’s the personal belief that we hold when it comes to hair care. After all, nothing’s more beautiful than a healthy glow that comes from within. What better way to get this glow than through natural food, right?

Best Foods For Hair

We’ve already discussed some of the best foods for hair before, and now we’re back for more!

Ready? Here we go!



Did you know that mangoes can actually help you get stronger hair? That’s right! Mangoes contain mineral silica, which promotes hair growth. It also has high amounts of vitamin C content, which can encourage collagen production that can strengthen hair.



Avocados are known for their awesome health benefits, which is a big reason why they’re starting to get popular lately as superfoods. Avocadoes are rich in vitamin B-6, C, E, and K, as well as omega-3, which makes your scalp healthy. Bonus tip: You can also apply avocado directly to your scalp to exfoliate and cleanse your skin.



Oysters are incredibly rich in zinc, a mineral that is greatly important in keeping your hair, skin, and nails in tiptop shape. Zinc encourages healthy hair growth by processing the building blocks of hair, namely fats, carbohydrates, and protein. In fact, zinc deficiency can even lead to hair loss! Combat this risk by eating oysters every now and then.



Oysters are not the only seafood that can promote good hair growth. Shrimps can also work wonders for your hair, due to their high contents of vitamin B, D, iron, protein, and zinc. Shrimps also have some amounts of omega-3, known to help our scalp stay healthy and happy, which makes them one of the best foods for hair.

Whole Grains

Whole Grains

Whole grains are one of the best foods for your hair, due to their biotin content. As we’ve already discussed before, biotin can speed up hair growth and act as a natural vitamin for healthy hair, eyes, and nails. No need to buy supplements, just add whole grains to your diet!



Think carrots are just for healthy eyes? Well, think again! While it’s true that carrots are mainly consumed due to their eye health benefits, vitamin A is actually good for overall cell growth. Vitamin A can also keep your scalp and roots healthy by producing a healthy amount of natural sebum, which can speed up hair growth as well.

We hope you’ve started adding some of these items on your grocery list! These are just some of the best foods for hair, but they definitely work better than any other artificial supplement out them. Just remember to drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep whenever you can. You’ll have beautiful, thick hair before you know it!

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Hair History

Ever wondered who was the GENIUS who thought “I’m gonna put someone else’s hair on my head to make it look better”? That genius was someone who lived over 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt! Let’s go into some hair history.Hair History


Hair History

What we are gonna do right here is go back… waaaaayyy back. Back into time and explore the History of Hair Extensions

It’s not just a fad. Hair has always been a part of beauty and style. For thousands of years, people all over the world have been changing their hair to appear more beautiful. Hair has also become an important part of cultures, traditions and even religions. Hair is representative and also symbolic in many ways.


Ancient Egypt

Ancient EgyptHair Extensions are no new product. Researchers have even hair extensions being used in ancient Egypt in 3400 BC where they would use resin and bees wax to attach a mix of human hair and dyed sheep’s wool as hair extensions… which is not the most glamorous kind of hair extensions.

The Egyptians later started sewing hair into knots in the hair and braiding hair. Researchers have discovered preserved skulls with a full head of hair and hair extensions. Hair quickly became a symbol of wealth and status. Appearances were important because it symbolised that a person was wealthy enough to be able to afford beauty and then… wigs were born!


Powdered Wigs

Powdered WigsDuring the 18th century, powdered wigs became the next best thing! These wigs were white hairpieces with curls and waves. When King Louis started going bald, he started wearing powdered wigs. His majestic had wig makers create large and excessively long wigs, this trend was adopted by the noble people of the era. They then became a trend in men and women all around the world.

In the 1800s, hair pieces later evolved into Apollo Knots which were tight curls that were tied near the roots of the hair. Hair was attached to the hair in mounds and bundles. The introduction of clip in hair extensions called “switch” came in during the beginning of the 1900s.


Big Hair

Big Hair

The 20th century saw the rising trend of pompadour hair where hair was pushed up with the use of frames and hair extensions. This style was worn on men and women and is what inspired the famous Elvis and James Dean ‘do.

In the 1940’s the world suddenly fell in love with long hair. It finally quickly popular causing the demand for hair extensions and wigs.

Hair extensions as we know them today were first invented in the fifties. Disco was everything and the long glamorous hair that came with it! Hair extensions were mostly worn by celebrities and those who

Hair weaves became well known amongst the African American community. Weaves would help those with afro textured hair to be able to achieve a smoother, shinier and straighter finish. As popularity increased, a growing amount of Caucasian people were to adopt hair extensions for hair enhancements.


That brings us to today!

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Today we have all different types of hair extensions options available to us. Hair history has developed the technologies to give us what we have today. You can find hair extensions in any colour, length or style that you would like and the different options for hair extensions is constantly increasing.

Hair extensions are no longer just for the rich and royal as they have become so easily accessible.

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Why Paraben and Sulphate Free Hair Care?

Paraben and sulphate free labelled products are popping up on shelves.  Why? What does this mean for us?

Paraben and Sulphate Free Hair Care


The beauty industry is avoiding parabens and sulphates. Plenty of “sulphate free” and “paraben free” labelled products are popping up on shelves. Parabens and sulphates are chemicals which are commonly found in beauty and cosmetic products. These ingredients have been around for decades but recent research has shown that they can do more harm than good.


Sulphates are a harsh chemical detergent which help your soaps to foam and lather up when using them. They are everywhere and can be found in everything from shampoos to toothpastes! Companies will add these to products because they are cheap and super effective for cleaning dirt and grime.

Whilst they do a great job in cleaning the grease and build up from your hair, they will also harshly strip your hair of its essential natural oils. These oils are important to keep your hair smooth and glossy. When you use shampoos which contain sulphates, you might find that your hair will feel dry and brittle.

Similarly, sulphates can damage your hair extensions with prolonged use.When sulphates are used with human hair extensions, the extensions will have a much shorter life span. Hair extensions will shed more, tangle easily and feel rough.

Sulphates can cause drying to your skin as well especially if your skin type is sensitive. They may also make your scalp feel dry and irritated, sometimes even causing hair loss!


Parabens are a group of chemicals which have been added to products such as shampoos, lipsticks and deodorants. They are added to prevent nasty bacterial growth and help the products stay fresh and last longer.

When you apply products containing parabens, your skin absorbs and metabolizes the chemicals. Researchers have found parabens inside breast cancer tumours and  have learned that parabens also promote the growth of breast cancer cells.

It’s important to remember that sulphates and parabens may not affect you in small amounts BUT they may be detrimental to your health in the future with repeated use.

Paraben and Sulphate Free Hair Care

Luckily, many substitutes and alternatives are now used in commercial products. Using paraben and sulphate free hair care products will help you keep your hair and extensions healthy and glossy. This will also prevent hair colour fading and lock in the natural oils in your hair. Using good quality products will protect hair from the elements and keep you healthy.

A wide range of sulphate and paraben free products are available on the market including ZALA’s hair care range. The ZALA hair care range has been designed to be used safely on hair extensions and on natural hair without any harsh or harmful chemicals.

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Saturday Night Hairstyles

If you’re stepping into the weekend with great plans, you need great hair to match! From drinks with the girls, to dancing at the clubs, to relaxed dinners, we have the perfect Saturday night hairstyles ready for you!

Saturday Night Hairstyles

Saturday Night Hairstyles

Drinks with Friends

So you’re a little tired after a big week of work or study but still ready to share a couple of cocktails and laughs with the girls. It will probably be an early night so you want to get your hair done quick so you can spend more time enjoying yourself with your favourite friends. For nights like these, we love this half up fishtail braid!

To achieve this look follow the steps below:

  1. Take two even sections from the front of your hair to twist back and tie together.
  2. Thread this section over and through to create a twisted effect. Add hair from underneath and split into two sections to start your fishtail braid.
  3. Take small pieces from either side and wrap over to the middle.
  4. Repeat this process a third of the way down the hair and secure with an elastic.
  5. Gently pull sections of the braid to loosen and add volume.
  6. Repeat this process another third of the way down the hair.
  7. Optional: Finish the look by adding metal hair rings to conceal the elastics.

This look features our 24 inch Quadlux Clip In Hair Extensions in Dark Chocolate Brown #2.

Hitting the Club

If you have a dance fueled Saturday night planned, you need a fun hairstyle to match! We love this braided ponytail look for nights out dancing as it is super cute and will stay in place all night. This is definitely one of our favourite Saturday night hairstyles.

To achieve this look follow the steps below:

  1. Brush through your hair to ensure it’s tangle free and then create a clean centre parting.
  2. Section 2 inches on one side of your part and then take another small section from the front. Split this into three parts.
  3. Next, it’s time to start braiding. For this look, you’re going to want to do a french braid. The key to this technique is to pick up more hair from each side as you cross the outer sections over and into the middle.
  4. Repeat this all the way back until you reach the crown of your head, then continue on with a regular braid and secure in place with an elastic.
  5. Then, repeat steps 3 and 4, three more times, until you have 2 braids either side of your part.
  6. Gather all your hair into a ponytail and secure in place with an elastic (this can be a low, high or medium ponytail).
  7. Now for our favourite part – applying your ponytail extensions! This completely transforms your hair and brings the whole look together. Simply slide the clip into the base of your ponytail, wrap the small section around and pin in place.
  8. Finish the look with some boho curls and your hair is complete for a night on the town!

This look features our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 – 22 inch Human Hair Ponytail.

Relaxing Dinner

Maybe you’re ready to relax this weekend and would rather keep in simple with a nice Saturday night dinner. For nights like these, we love this romantic half up twist look that is simple and easy to achieve.

  1. Apply your ZALA hair extensions for instant length, volume and thickness.
  2. Once the extensions have been applied use a medium sized curling want to add loose curls.
  3. At the crown area, take a medium sized section of hair from one side, twist back and pin into place. Repeat this on the other side, twisting back and pinning into place over the first piece.
  4. Repeat this process by taking more pieces from either side, twisting and altering on top. Continue until you’re happy with the results.

This look features our 20″ Honey Beach Highlights #18/613 9 piece set.

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Have you got a special occasion coming up and looking to treat your favourite hair loving pal? If you’re unsure about the perfect hair related gift for them, then check out these ZALA gift ideas, perfect for any hair lover.

gift ideas

Gift Ideas For Her


This is the perfect gift for any hair extension wearer or those who are serious about their hair! This hair care pack includes ZALA’s Froth on You shampoo, Smooth Talker conditioner and Revive Me hair treatment. Each of these products has been specially designed for hair extensions and is completely non-damaging and moisture restoring. This is also perfect for your natural hair and will get it feeling soft and healthy in no time! Check out these products below.


ZALA’s Mini Travel Straightener is perfect for the busiest hair lovers. Its compact and light design means it can be easily stored in a handbag or car and used on the go! Its swivel cords, easy grip surface and smooth finish ensures easy use and prevents any snagging/catching. Plus, it comes with a free heat proof bag for storage!


This is the ultimate luxury accessory for hair extension lovers.  ZALA Silk pillowcases are made with luxurious Mulberry Silk. This is proven to Prevent hair breakage, Smooth frizz and Stop tangles. Not only is the ZALA Silk pillowcase your personal hair security guard, it also does wonders for your skin by preventing ageing and stopping night time face creasing. Unlike cotton, Mulberry silk is soft and gentle and doesn’t suck the life and moisture out of your luscious locks during the night and prevents damage to the hair follicle. These pillow cases come in three gorgeous colours; white, charcoal and baby pink.

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