Synthetic vs. Human Hair Clip in Extensions

Purchasing anything for the first time, be it gadgets, furniture, or hair extensions, can be overwhelming. Nowadays, there are so many options out there in the market that can cloud your judgment when you’re interested in purchasing something.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair

Choosing which type of hair extensions to buy is no different. There are plenty of options that offer a wide selection of colors, lengths, and thicknesses. You also have to choose what material you want the hair extensions to be made of. Synthetic or natural?

In this article, we’ll compare the two main types of clip-in hair extensions, synthetic vs. human hair, based on several factors.

synthetic vs. human hair extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are made from plastic fibers that are made to look like human hair.


When it comes to performance, synthetic clip-in hair extensions tend to hold up better in warmer climates. Unlike real human hair, which tends to become dull under hot weather, synthetic hair extensions don’t get frizzy or dry.


Synthetic hair products aren’t easy to style. In fact, it’s not even recommended to style them at all. Since they’re made of plastic fibers, they can burn or melt if you try to use any heat-styling tool on them, such as curling wands, straightening irons, or even just a plain blow dryer.


Synthetic hair extensions are great for people who don’t have the extra time to style their hair. They’re meant to stay the way you bought them, which means if you bought them curly, wavy, or straight, they’re going to remain that way.

Chemical Treatments

Do keep in mind that, ideally, synthetic clip-in hair extensions should never undergo chemical treatments. For instance, applying hair dye to your hair extensions may cause irreparable damage. If you want to change its color, you have to use paint spray or diluted colored shampoo.


For many people, the most important thing they look at when buying something is the price. This is also one of the biggest differences between synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions. Synthetic clip-in hair extensions are typically cheaper than human hair extensions because it’s easier to manufacture plastic fibers than to collect human hair.

Human Hair Extensions

As its name implies, human hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair, typically collected from donors.


If you’re looking for realistic hair extensions, look no further than human hair extensions. Human hair extensions look and feel like natural hair, because they are.

That said, this does make them vulnerable to the same things that the strands on your head are vulnerable to, like heat damage. It’s not unusual to see human hair extensions become dry in warmer, more humid clients. In these cases, it’s recommended to protect your extensions with a UV protectant to avoid further damage.


You’re free to style your hair extensions whatever way you want. You can use a straightener or a curler, you can make it wavy, you can braid it to your heart’s content. Just like your real hair, there’s no limitation to the things you can do to your human hair extensions. Just remember not to use heat styling products all the time! They may cause damage to your extensions in the long run.


If it comes with the upsides of real hair, that means it also comes with the downsides. Unlike synthetic hair, it can take you some time to style your clip-in hair extensions. Even straight extensions can become wavy if you sleep on it the night before or don’t store them correctly.

Chemical Treatments

If the ability to do chemical treatments, like dyeing or bleaching, is important for you when purchasing your clip-in hair extensions, you should definitely go with 100% human hair. They’re typically durable enough to withstand treatments. However, keep in mind that your warranty could get voided if chemicals on your extensions.

Price Range

100% human hair extensions are oftentimes more expensive than synthetic extensions. After all, manufacturers have to carefully attach strands together to create the extensions, which takes a lot of effort and time.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider before making that final purchase. It would be best to weigh up your wants and needs, pros and cons, and the negotiables vs. non-negotiables.

ZALA Hair Extensions

Here at Zala, we offer a wide range of hair extensions, including clip-ins, tape-ins, and halos, in various shades and lengths. Make sure to check out our online store to browse our products today!

Choosing the type of clip-in hair extensions for you can be overwhelming, but we hope this synthetic vs. human hair extensions article helped you decide which one you should buy! If you want to read more hair articles, don’t forget to visit the ZALA blog!


The ZALA Guide To Short Clip-In Hair Extensions

We always see long, thick, voluminous hair in shampoo and conditioner commercials. As common as it is to have pixie cuts and bobs, it seems like these commercials are stuck on one single image of how great hair should look.

But the truth is, not everyone dreams of having long, flowy hair. For some people, it just doesn’t fit their personality. In fact, there’s an entire community out there of people who prefer rocking their short hair.

zala guide to short clip-in hair extensions

Hair extensions for those who prefer short hair

While hair extensions technically exist to extend one’s hair length, that’s not to say that short-haired people automatically don’t like hair extensions.

However, hair extensions are not used just to give you length, but also to give you volume and thickness. That’s why some people may prefer keeping their hair short, but they still enjoy wearing short clip-in hair extensions every now and then.

Here at ZALA, we have 12-14 inch clip-in extensions that can serve this very purpose. If you’re one of those people who would love to use them for volume, here are some tips and tricks on how you can start adding short clip-in hair extensions to your short hair!

1. Comb your hair and make it sleek

To make sure that you will have a seamless result, you have to make sure that your hair is prepped and ready. You can even put on gel first to make your hair sleek.

The purpose of making your hair as sleek as possible is to let your strands blend as naturally as possible with your clip-in hair extensions once they’re applied. 

2. Correct sectioning

An essential part of applying hair extensions is sectioning. Sectioning your hair is done to know the layers where the short clip-in hair extensions will be applied. This is really crucial and will require trial and error to get the perfect sections.

There is no right or wrong way to section your hair, but one general rule to follow is that it shouldn’t be too wide because your natural hair might not be able to cover the extensions. When sectioning, always make sure that the top part of the section will be able to cover up the clip-ins.

3. Add layers for that extra volume

As mentioned earlier, clip in hair extensions are not just used to add length. Some people with really short hair (and we mean bob cut short!) still use hair extensions to add volume to their hair.

How to add volume using hair extensions? Slowly add in layers after applying each piece! Try adding one piece to a specific section, and if you’re still not satisfied with it, you can try putting another one on top of it. The trick here is to properly gauge the current volume and slowly make changes along the way.

4. Single wefts for stand out strands

If you have a bob cut or a pixie cut, chances are a few pesky little strands keep poking out despite the numerous amounts of gel you have put into your hair. Don’t worry! It’s totally okay, and it can be easily resolved.

If you buy a regular hair extension set here at ZALA, it will typically contain pieces of varying wefts. Usually, sets can include pieces with 1-4 wefts each.

At the beginning of the application, you have probably already used the 4 weft piece and you’re left with the single weft pieces. What can you do with these? Simply clip them on those sections with the pesky strands to hide them away from you. Talk about a quick fix!

Synthetic vs Human Hair Extensions

If you are new to the hair extensions world, one factor that you should look into before purchasing your new extensions is its type. There are two main types: synthetic and human hair.

Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, but they’re also of more inferior quality. You may not be able to dye or bleach them because they may not be able to survive the chemicals. 

Human hair, on the other hand, may be pricier, but they’re guaranteed to last longer and look more natural, and therefore more beautiful. You can also have them colored, cut, and processed any way you want. In fact, here at ZALA, we provide the highest quality 100% Human Remy hair extensions you can find.

Using Short Clip-In Hair Extensions On Short Hair

Despite the countless options in the market, it can sometimes feel like you’re being left out just because of your preferences. But don’t worry about it! ZALA Hair Extensions creates various hair extension types that can be used even by those who have short hair. 

We’re hoping that you will keep this guide and will hopefully help you when you’re about to clip in those hair extensions! For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!

zala hair extensions for fine hair


What are the best hair extensions for thin hair, you ask! It may seem like most hair extensions or hair products on the market are targeted for those with thick, voluminous hair.

But what about hair extensions for those with fine, thin hair? Or what are the best clip-in hair extensions for thin hair? With shampoo commercials constantly flaunting long, thick locks, it seems like thin hair doesn’t exist.Indeed, it can be overwhelming and even scary to shell out for a product you’re unsure of. But fret not–we’ve compiled a few things that we think will help you navigate the world of hair extensions if you’ve got thin hair!

zala hair extensions for fine hair


Before we tell you the perfect type of hair extensions to use for your thin hair, it’s important that we tell you some of the different types that exist on the market first.

Knowing the difference between these types will make your choice of hair extension easier. It’s up to you to choose which one you’ll pick but we’ll make sure to note the pros and cons of each type.


Clip-in extensions are the most common type of hair extensions out there, as well as some of the most affordable. They’re very easy to wear and style, as you just have to clip them on. They are highly customizable, too, and a quick trip to your stylist can instantly change them to your liking.

We recommend our 5-piece set for thin and fine hair types for everyday length and thickness. Try not to use heavier sets, as it can cause negative effects on your hair. Since they’re clipped onto your natural hair, this means that they can tug on the strands and even cause hair loss. Although cheap and accessible, we can’t recommend them for people with extremely thin hair as they will only damage your hair if used constantly.


Unlike the clip-in extensions that need to be removed after a few hours, this type of extension can last for months and is a semi-permanent solution.

That said, unlike clip-in extensions, weave-ins, also known as weft bundles, typically need to be applied by a professional hairstylist, and thus require more money and effort. It’s also not highly recommended for thin hair since, if you don’t have enough hair on your scalp, it might be hard to sew or weave them in. Thin strands may also get damaged by the pulling action caused by the weaves.


Tape-ins are undoubtedly the best hair extensions for thin hair.

Unlike traditional clip-in hair extensions that usually have a semi-thick band at the root of each weft, tape-in hair extensions just have a sticky tape. This means that they are much more lightweight and thus, less damaging to thin strands than other types of hair extensions.

The only downside to tape-in hair extensions for thin hair is that they don’t last very long. Depending on how you take care of your extensions, they might only last for around 6-8 weeks. As you can imagine, it could get pretty pricey in the long run.


Out of all the hair extensions out there today, we highly suggest that you go with the tape-in hair extensions for a semi-permanent solution or 5-piece clip ins for a shorter term solution for your thin hair.

Not only does this type look more natural on your strands, but it also won’t damage your hair as much as the other types of hair extensions. Thin hair is already prone to breakage and we don’t want to worsen it by telling you to put on hair extensions that may pull at your strands while you’re wearing them.

However, with tape-ins we do understand that not everyone has the financial capacity to afford monthly or bimonthly replacements.

With that consideration in mind, here are several tips if you do decide to go with the more affordable and more accessible clip-in hair extensions.


Aside from the struggle of frequent breakage, people with thin hair may often find their hair products slipping away due to the lack of hair.

When putting on your clip-in extensions, it’s a great idea to create a solid base at the back of your head which will be later used to clip on the extensions. You can create the base by spraying a dash of hairspray to the root or using Zala’s Mad Matter Hair Extension Volumizing Powder and then tease your hair for extra volume. This is to avoid the possibility of your extensions sliding away from your head.


When applying hair extensions, it’s easy to get carried away by the thrill of adding more and more locks.

However, as someone with thin hair, you have to remember that the top of your head will have less hair and volume than your extensions. If you put the extensions up too high, your natural hair won’t be able to conceal them properly.

To fix this, always put your extensions below the eyebrow line, a.k.a. the safe zone. This will ensure that your natural hair will be enough to cover the roots of your clip-ins.


Hair extensions usually come in sets of several wefts that may vary in width.

If you find yourself confused on where to put the remaining wefts and you’ve chosen the best extensions for thin hair, it’s a sign that you don’t need to use all of the wefts included in the set. If your hair is looking good already even with just three wefts, then that’s all you need.

We understand the struggle of not having what is deemed as regular. But we hope that you will be able to fulfill your shampoo commercial dreams with our suggestions. Have fun with those locks!

For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!


Types of Hair Extensions at ZALA

Hair extensions are increasingly becoming the trending ‘it’ hair. That’s really no surprise–after all, they’re a fun and non-committal way to achieve that major hair makeover.

Types of Hair Extensions at ZALA

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the different types of hair extensions at ZALA and what you can achieve with them!

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions are the least permanent hair extensions. You can easily clip them in your hair and snap them off to remove.

As the name implies, it has clips attached to the base of wefts sewn to lace or fabric. You simply clip these extensions onto your hair. This means your hair won’t be damaged by chemicals, heat, pressure, or other potentially damaging installation methods.

ZALA’s Clip-in hair extensions are available in multiple lengths from 12 – 30 inches. They also come in more than 25 shades, varying weights, and thickness. With a multi-tone system that helps your hair blend naturally and small, sturdy clips that are light and discreet when applied, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your ZALA’s are premium-quality extensions.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions are exactly what their name says. The extensions are pre-taped and you tape them together on either side of your hair.

Tape-ins allow for easy application and removal, multiple-use, and maximization of placement options so you can achieve a natural look. In fact, you can get a full head of taped hair in under 30 minutes with no heat, glue, or painful wefts.

With the premium quality of 5A European Hair, ZALA’s tape-in hair extensions are available in more than 17 shades and there are five different lengths on hand (12, 16, 20, 22, 26”).

Halo Hair Extensions

Best suited if you have thin to medium hair type or if you have below shoulder-length hair, Halo Hair Extensions act like a headband after you section off your hair at the crown with the front sections of your hair that frame your face left out.

Available in four different lengths, more than 14 shades and transparent bands, ZALA’s halo hair extensions are that perfect once-and-for-all, quick, and invisible way of adding length and volume to your hair.

Quad Weft Clip Extensions

types of hair extensions at zala quad weft

If you want to thicken and extend your hair in one easy step, you can apply Quad Weft Clip-In Hair Extensions.

These extensions have four strips of hair sewn into one thick weft. This contains nearly as much hair as a full set. You just secure the clips onto your head, from ear to ear, and you instantly get a complete hair transformation of longer and thicker hair.

Made of 100% Human Remy Hair, ZALA’s double drawn extra-thick Quad Wefts are available in more than 14 shades and in lengths of either 20 or 24 inches.

Seamless Hair Extensions

types of hair extensions at zala seamless

Also known as Skin Weft Extensions, Seamless Hair Extensions are applied the same way as clip-in hair extensionss since they also have clips hand sewn to the silicone backing.

These extensions are designed for people who prefer lighter and thinner clip-ins, which make them very good for seamlessly blending.

Whether you buy the volumizer extensions available as 12-, 16- and 20-inch pieces or the nine-piece sets that come in either 16 or 20 inches, ZALA’s seamless hair extensions are super easy to apply and conceal.

One Piece Clip In Volumizer

One Piece Clip In Volumizers are a great way to go from flat, dull hair to flaunt volume, gloss and buoyancy in your hair.

Used for supplemental thickness, it can be worn alone if your hair is the same length as the piece. As it is a single-piece and clip-in lightweight, it is suitable for everyday use because it is easy to apply and comfortable to use.

Available in 12, 16, and 20 inches, you can pick from whether you want a Seamless, Halo, or  Keratin volumizer. With also a wide range of shades to choose from, you can find the perfect ZALA volumizer for you.

Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions at ZALA

Clip-in Ponytail Extensions are used specifically for instantly adding length and volume to your ponytail as well as your updos.

These extensions can transform your second-day hair into ponytail perfection, even if you’re just sitting there on your couch for a virtual party night with your friends or an impromptu video call with your better half.

Available in either 100% human hair or 100% keratin protein, you can get your own wrap-in ponytail extensions here at ZALA and be sure they’re comfortable, secure, and natural-looking. You can also choose from the different lengths offered (12”, 16”, 22”, 26”) and more than 14 different shades to achieve your desired style.

Balayage Clip In Hair Extensions

Balayage Clip-in Hair Extensions ensure natural blending with gorgeous ombre combinations.

ZALA listened to customers who were concerned that bleaching the lower half of their hair to create a balayage look could leave their hair damaged, dry and unhealthy. The free-hand painting highlights of a balayage hair creates a soft, natural light gradation.

Luckily for you, we have over 6 shades available in 20 & 24 inches. Use ZALA ombre clip hair extensions & create this timeless sun-kissed look instantly!

Our Balayage extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair, triple-wefted & double drawn. Available in 5-piece and 9-piece sets and in lengths of 20 and 24 inches, you will certainly find the right set for you.

Weft Bundles

ZALA Weft Bundles

Suitable for sewing straight into hair or for making wigs, ZALA Weft Bundles are triple-wefted, which makes them thicker than other wefts on the market.

Intended for professional application, they come in 33-inch-wide straight hair weaves. With a range of shades to pick from and different lengths available, you will find weft bundles at ZALA that are fit for the style you’re after.

Compared to having your hair undergo dyeing or relaxing treatment for a semi-permanent hair makeover, wearing extensions are far less damaging to your natural hair. Also, they’re easier to wear and require less commitment to one hairstyle. After all, you can undo and redo them time and time again.

As you can see, there’s a variety of types, colors, and lengths to choose from. There’s a 100% chance you’ll find the perfect hair extensions for you at ZALA.

Excited to read more about hair? Don’t forget to check out the ZALA blog!



As the name suggests, clip-in hair extensions are hair extensions that you just clip on your natural hair to wear and snap off to remove. They’re very convenient and only require about 5-10 minutes of your time to apply, which makes them a good choice for those looking for a temporary hairstyle fix.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about clip-in hair extensions for black hair and how you can use them to make your crowning glory look even more glorious.

zala cip in hair extensions black hair


Using hair extensions is a great way to achieve a hair makeover without having to commit to a new look that you may or may not like in the end.


Unlike when you totally do a change of hairstyle you can’t go back from even when you don’t like the result, you can still achieve a hair makeover and with little commitment wearing clip in hair extensions.

It’s the least permanent of all styles and methods of hair extensions available since you can easily wear and remove this type of hair extension, without having to worry about leaving them in more than necessary.


Also called clip-in wefts, these hair extensions are some of the least damaging extensions you will find.

With clip-in hair extensions, you don’t have to worry about chemicals, heat, pressure or any other possibly hair-damaging installation methods since you simply clip them onto your hair with ease.


You also don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or having your scalp pulled too tight. They’re comfortable enough to forget you’re even wearing them hours after you’ve had them on.




Bring out your inner Ariana Grande and get that perfectly glossy black hair makeover for a night out on the town with friends or for an upcoming music festival. Zala’s Clip-in extensions come in a shade of jet black that’s just right for that Ariana-vibe kind of lustrous hair. 

Do away with the notion that jet black hair is boring. You shouldn’t look at your hair color and see it too plain and off-trend. In fact, with its deep dimension and amazing shine, you should embrace your jet black hair and have fun with it!


It’s the perfect shade for you if you have naturally black hair that has warm undertones. Zala Natural Black hair extensions are your solution for simply wanting more volume, thickness, and length in your hair.With all the hairdos you can style your hair in with the Zala Natural Black hair extensions, you can finally flaunt and be proud of your naturally black hair on your long-awaited prom night, on your college’s year-end formal ball, and even on your dream wedding, perhaps.


Many women wonder how to wear hair extensions. Well, it depends on the hair extension type of application method. The same holds when it comes to how to remove hair extensions! Read on to get your answer.


You can achieve those childhood fairytale fantasies and be a black-haired Rapunzel with Zala’s 24 inches 9-piece clip-in hair extensions. You can work them with any of the braids you know or simply let them down in light waves. Feel free to imagine yourself as the Disney princess you used to dream of being!

Of course, with 24-inch, 9-piece clip-ins, you can also be anyone you want to be, including just yourself. You can never go wrong with long and straight black hair but you can also have them curled and wavy. You can also style them a bit messy like an “I woke up like this” look or you can clip them in like you just got a layered haircut.


Even though you can’t go out and spend hours taking instagrammable pictures at your favorite cafe or hang out with your friends at your favorite bar, you can still practice making your hair dreams come true. With Zala Weft Extensions, you can try out every style you can think of and see which hairstyle you can best wear at the next party or night out you’re going to.


You can achieve those childhood fairytale fantasies and be a black-haired Rapunzel with Zala’s 24 inches 9-piece clip-in hair extensions. You can work them with any of the braids you know or simply let them down in light waves. Feel free to imagine yourself as the Disney princess you used to dream of being!

Of course, with 24-inch, 9-piece clip-ins, you can also be anyone you want to be, including just yourself. You can never go wrong with long and straight black hair but you can also have them curled and wavy. You can also style them a bit messy like an “I woke up like this” look or you can clip them in like you just got a layered haircut.


With Zala Clip-in Hair Extensions in jet black and natural black, you can play around with as many hairstyles you can think of. You can use them in all the possible occasions and everyday hustle you want to wear them in.

Excited to see more hair inspiration? Check out our official Instagram page! And as always, for more tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!