How To Achieve The Perfect Wedding Updo Using Hair Extensions

You are the prettiest, most stunning person on your wedding day. You are the main character of the day and you deserve to have everything perfect on that day.

Here’s a one-stop perfect wedding updo guide so you don’t have to worry about your hair on top of everything else going on.

Achieving The Perfect Wedding Updo Using Hair Extensions

From the flower arrangements that line the red carpet to the altar to the cloth that covers the guest tables. From the color theme of the entourage to the tokens you’ll gift the guests when the ceremony ends. Most importantly, from the shoes you’re going to wear to the updo you’re going to style your hair in.

On your wedding day, everything should be perfect. Your hair, your dress, your makeup – everything. You deserve to be perfect.

Having the perfect wedding updo can be easily overlooked when you’re busy rechecking your guest list. It can also be easily forgotten when you’re making sure the wedding cake arrives and all the flowers you need for the venue are there.

To help you out, here’s a handy checklist of things that you should keep in mind to achieve the perfect wedding updo using hair extensions!

1. The perfect hair extensions

The first thing you should do is to pick out the right hair extensions

Hair extensions work best if nobody notices that you’re wearing any. If they look natural on you when you wear them, then that’s your sign that they’re the perfect extensions for you. Applying mismatched extensions will not only be terribly obvious, but it will also look awkward and will likely ruin your perfect wedding updo.

If you’re going to have an updo with a ponytail as base, you should use a clip-in ponytail hair extension.

If you’re looking for volume, you can choose between clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions. Clip-ins will be easier to wear and remove but tape-ins will blend seamlessly with your own hair. 

You can also opt to wear halo hair extensions if your hair is thick enough to cover the band.

2. The perfect hair color

Of course, you’re always free to go with your natural hair color if you wish. But if you’re feeling adventurous and brave, you can also choose to dye your hair extensions (and even your hair) a different color. If you only want to add a little lift to your hair color, you can also opt for balayage or ombre hair. Luckily for you, there are balayage hair extensions at Zala if you want to try out a new color but don’t want the change to be so dramatic. You can also have instant highlights by wearing hair extensions in two different colors, like your natural hair color and another contrasting color.

3. The perfect hair state

After you wash, condition, and dry your hair and hair extensions, make sure to use the Zalaplex Hydrating Mask. Shiny and moisturized hair will always look more stunning than dry and limp locks.

If your hair extensions are tangled and have lost their shine, you can use the Revive Me Hair Treatment to control the frizz and return the shine. Simply put some on your palms and run your fingers lightly through the length of your extensions.

You can also apply the Mad Matter Volumizing Powder to help you hold the volume on your hair better and to give your hair some texture.

4. The perfect hair pre-style

Now that you have the perfect hair to work on, you have to prepare your hair for styling. For wedding updos, you can typically choose between braids, buns, or even a combination of both.

For easier styling and for more volume, curl your hair first in loose waves with the 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand. Having loose waves before you work on your hairdo will give it more volume when you’re done.

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so you only get a single chance to have a perfect one.  Of course, what perfect wedding doesn’t include perfect wedding hair, right? Take your hair care seriously so that in the future, when you look back and see the pictures from your wedding album, you’ll feel happy at how fabulous and radiant you looked on your wedding day.

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Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions For Long Hair

Few things are prettier than long and voluminous hair that flows gracefully down your shoulders and back.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to use hair extensions on your already long hair, we’re here to guide you. Here are some hairstyles using hair extensions for long hair!

hair extensions for long hair

Best Long Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

Now that you have enough hair length and volume to make your hairdo fuller and livelier, here are some hairstyles you can get inspiration from when deciding how to wear your beloved strands.

1. Ponytail Waves

If you’d like to keep your strands neat and tidy throughout the day while still showcasing your long hair, you should check out ponytail waves. It’s suitable for school, work, or even for just hanging out with friends. There’s no need to style your hair elaborately too since you might just find it difficult to maintain as you go about your day.

Just tie your hair in one high ponytail, clip ponytail hair extensions on to make it look thicker, and then style your hair in waves.

2. Ribbon Half Pony

Half ponytails are perfect for casual dates, like a lovely day out with friends while having a picnic at a nature park.

A half-pony tied with a charming big ribbon or an eye-catching big clip can not only keep your hair neatly behind your ears so that you can spend your entire time enjoying your time with people closest to you, but it also allows you to show off your long, flowing locks with aplomb.

3. Decorated Crown Braid

Crown braids look very pretty with long hair, especially voluminous ones. Dutch braids in particular look thicker and fuller the more volume your hair has. You can wear this look to formal events like weddings and parties and even add on accessories that match the theme, such as pearl ornaments or floral bands.

4. Bridal Waves

Although this hairstyle was popularized as a typical wedding hairdo, bridal waves can also be worn for ballgown events like a charity gala or a debutante ball because they flow down so elegantly. They look even more stunning on long hair since so much emphasis will be put on the waves themselves. 

To add glam to this hairstyle without being too overpowering, you can wear jeweled clips, flowered barrettes, or a wire headband.

5. Side Braid

If all you want to do is to spend the day lounging on the couch, strolling the streets of downtown, or walking lazily by the beach, then side braids are the perfect hairstyle for your long locks. This effortless and chill hairstyle may seem too simple or even casual for some, but it’s made alive by the length and volume of your hair.

Need a little more oomph in your hairdo? Try adding accessories like a stylish hat or flowers. Regardless of what kind of braid you wear, be it the regular three-strand, fishtail braids, or something else, you can also pull on the braids a little bit to give your braids a messy texture and a little more volume.

Using Hair Extensions For Long Hair

Before picking out which hairstyle you want, make sure that both your hair and your hair extensions are shiny and smooth with the Zalaplex Hair Extension Hydrating Mask. After all, frizzy hair is harder to style and manage.

The next step is knowing what type of hair extension to use. There are many varieties to choose from, depending on your preferences as well as how long you’re planning to keep your hair long. If you’re planning to keep it that way for a few weeks or so, you can wear tape-in hair extensions or weave-in hair extensions. If it’s only for a few hours to a day at most though, then halo hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions are the easiest to wear and remove.

After putting on your chosen extensions, apply the Mad Matter Volumizing Powder to help hold your hair in place at all times and improve its volume.

With your longer, more voluminous hair, you have an endless list of hairstyle options. Buns, ponytails, and braids are the most basic of them. If you mix any two or more kinds of these, you can even wear a different hairstyle every day and for every occasion.

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Our Top 4 Mardi Gras Hair Ideas 2021

If the Christmas season is all fun and cheer, the Lenten season is somber and introspective. Before we fully immerse ourselves in the reflection and repentance come Ash Wednesday though, we’ve got the Carnival season as a time to eat, drink, and be merry.

What better way to take part in this year’s celebrations than to show off your gorgeous, aptly-themed hair? Whether you’re on the streets watching the parades or at your favorite local pub literally eating, drinking, and being merry, there’s a hairstyle that fits however you want to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Best Mardi Gras Hair Ideas For 2021

For Casual Parade Watching: Textured Ponytail Or High Bun

If you’re interested in seeing how the floats will look during the parade and what kinds of throws you’re going to get, then the most important aspect of your hairstyle should be how well it stays in place. After all, you can’t have your strands distracting you or getting in your way as you navigate the busy streets.

For situations like this, a simple textured ponytail or high bun would be a great choice. Styling your hair in an elaborate hairdo will be a waste of effort after spending hours amidst the sea of people and under the heat of the sun.

For All-Out Parade Participation: Colored Hair

You’re already going all-out with the custom-made costume that you started planning right after last year’s Mardi Gras, so it goes without saying that your hair should be all-out too. With hair extensions, not only can you have longer and more voluminous hair in an instant, you can also have colored hair in a snap without worrying about what happens after the festivities.

Hair extensions allow you to let your hair wild and free without permanently changing its color. Thanks to this, you’re now ready to be whoever you want to be on Mardi Gras.

For The Aristocratic Balls: Loose Crown Braids

Mardi Gras balls used to be exclusive events where debutantes are formally introduced to high society. Although the balls nowadays are much more open and a lot less formal, there’s no rule saying that you can no longer embrace your inner royalty.

A perfect hairstyle for situations like this is loose crown braids, inspired by the noblewomen from centuries ago. You can add some accessories to add a modern touch to an otherwise regal hairstyle.

For The Carnival Nights: Knotted French Braid

Mardi Gras is a celebration of life, so there’s nothing wrong if all you want to do for this holiday is to party your nights away.

Just in case you start having too much fun, it’s helpful to have your hair tied back in a knotted French braid to prevent getting any dirt or spilled drinks on your beloved strands. The braid can also keep your hair tangling during fun, carefree parties.

For The King Cake Party: Braided Ponytail

Last but definitely not least is a hairstyle for the king cake party. Extravagant hairdos are not needed, while overly simple ones are clearly not an option.

A great compromise would be ponytails with a twist. It doesn’t matter if you go with a simple braid, a fishtail twist braid, or something else – braids, in general, are stylish enough for parties, while complex enough that you will never look boring in them!

Mardi Gras only happens once a year, so you should make the best out of it!

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Get The Look: Rainbow Mardi Gras Hair

For Christians all around the world, Mardi Gras is an important event that is meant to be spent and cherished with loved ones. But for the LGBTQI, it also represents a festive celebration of life – and a chance to showcase your true self using all the colors of the rainbow.

Why Choose Rainbow Mardi Gras Hair

Traditionally speaking, Mardi Gras is a day where Christians celebrate with week-long parties before the Lenten season begins. 

However, for LGBTQI individuals, Mardi Gras is much more than that. Known also by its full name, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, it’s the biggest pride festival in the entire Oceania region, as well as one of the biggest pride festivals in the world. Every year, thousands upon thousands of tourists flock to Sydney, Australia in order to participate in this special event.

In other words, this season is your once-a-year chance to dress up in a costume that’s not decorated by fake blood and mummy wraps, such as during Halloween.

If you’re still looking for that perfect festive costume, you can start with your hair. Having silky and moisturized hair with the help of Zalaplex Hair Extension Hydrating Mask can make it easier for you to style your hair in the most festive way. And, of course, what can be more festive than rainbow hair, right?

While the official Mardi Gras colors purple, green, and gold can be found in abundance in all the events, flaunting your rainbow Mardi Gras hair can still make you stand out from the crowd. In addition to this, having rainbow hair can match all kinds of costumes. Whether you choose to wear glitter sandals and big fairy wings or a polka-dot clown jumpsuit, your rainbow hair will certainly have no problem fitting in.

That said, if you don’t want to dye your natural strands rainbow colors, then we’re here to the rescue.

Rainbow Mardi Gras Hair with Hair Extensions

With Zala Hair Extensions, you can achieve your Rainbow Mardi Gras Hair without committing to a permanent hair change.

1. Choosing the hair extensions type

If you’re a beginner to hair extensions or simply don’t have enough time to dedicate to your hair, halo hair extensions are your best bet. They’re the easiest extensions to wear and only take about 30 seconds to apply on your head.

If you want more voluminous hair, you can use clip-in hair extensions. They’re also relatively easy to wear and remove.

If you want to keep your hair extensions for at least a few weeks, you can also try tape-in extensions or weave-in extensions. They’re not very beginner-friendly though, so you may need to ask help from a trusted friend or hairdresser.

2. Coloring your hair extensions

The next, and probably most important, step is coloring your extensions. In order to have rainbow hair for Mardi Gras, you should dye your extensions in the shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

We recommend using the Ice Platinum hair extensions as your base for the best results.

3. Styling your rainbow Mardi Gras hair

Now that you’ve got your rainbow Mardi Gras hair ready, the only step left is styling. With the help of Zala’s 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand, you have the freedom to choose what kind of curls you want whether that’s big, defined curls or relaxed loose waves.

With your rainbow Mardi Gras hair, an accessory or two, a little twist to your wardrobe, and eye-catching makeup, there’s no doubt that you can amaze the crowd at this year’s Mardi Gras!

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Using Clip-In Hair Extensions For Your Valentine

Whether you’re planning to have a group date with friends or a candlelight dinner with your loved one, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is one important event for every hopeless romantic around.

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, which means your hairstyle should be special as well. The romance shouldn’t end with where you go, what you do, and who you spend the day with. Giving a little love to your crowning glory has never been a bad thing!

Using Clip-In Hair Extensions for Your Valentine

Hairstyles Using Clip-In Hair Extensions for Your Valentine

To help you complete your Valentine look, you may want to consider using clip-in hair extensions. While hair extensions, in general, can give your hair additional length and volume so that you’d have a livelier-looking hairstyle. Clip-ins, more specifically, are easy to attach and remove, even for complete beginners, which is why they’re our top recommendation if you’re thinking of using hair extensions for the first time.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a specific hairstyle, here are some ideas for sprucing up your look on Valentine’s Day!

1. Half Updo

You can never go wrong with popular day-to-day hairstyles like messy buns and half updos. The half-bun, half cascading waves is a form of updo you can wear on both formal occasions, like a wedding, and casual ones, like a picnic at the park. Adding clip-in hair extensions can enhance volume of your hair, improving the appearance of both the bun and the waves. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can also add accessories like ribbons or flowers for a more romantic look.

2. 1930s Waves

Get inspired by the glamorous waves that trended in the 1930s! Usually worn on formal settings and red carpet events, these bridal waves are perfect for formal dates like fine dining for two. You can add clip-in hair extensions to make your hair look longer, thicker, and more suitable for Valentine’s Day!

3. Bubble Twist Braid

If you’re planning something casual for Valentine’s, such as an amusement park date or a sports day, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Bubble twist braids refer to a modern type of braid that looks quite unique compared to the usual French or Dutch braids. Not only does it look cute and charming, it also helps you avoid getting all sweaty and hot during outdoorsy activities!

4. Mixed Braids

If bubble twist braids still don’t do it for you, feel free to go wild with another hairstyle instead. For this hairstyle, you should aim to create at least two different kinds of braids, resulting in a look that’s both romantic and complex. As they say, go big or go home.

For best results, pick 3-5 different kinds of braids to style your hair with. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem when you’re using clip-in hair extensions. After all, more volume means more braid styles, and more length means longer, more romantic braids.

5. Half-Knot Buns

Sometimes, just lounging at home eating pizza and drinking some wine while watching a good romantic film is enough for Valentine’s Day. Still, you deserve to look better than your usual. A casual, half-knot bun for Netflix and chill is not such a bad idea. You can even curl the remaining hair for a more charming appeal.

With clip-in hair extensions, you have a wider range of options to choose from to match your Valentine’s date. The additional length and volume will surely complement your dress and makeup and make you look more date-ready than ever!

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