Using A Clip-in Pony for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to unleash your inner hopeless romantic.

But of course, no Valentine’s outfit isn’t complete without the perfect hairstyle to go along with it. If you’re running late for this year’s date and you need to whip up something right now, here are five easy hairstyles using a clip-in pony for Valentine’s!

Using a Clip-In Pony for Valentine’s

1.   Sleek Look

In a hurry for your Valentine’s date? You can never go wrong with a long, sleek pony. Not only is it classy and neat, but it’s also a quick hairstyle that will have you heading out the door in just a few minutes.

To achieve this look, simply tie your natural hair in a ponytail using an elastic band. Next, wrap the Zala Hair Clip, Wrap and Go Ponytail Hair extension around the band. In just a few minutes, you’ve transformed yourself from plain jane to a classy diva.

2.   Carefree Ponytail

If you’re expecting a more casual date this year, a loose ponytail would be the perfect hairstyle for you. Think of it as the carefree version of the first hairstyle.

Amp it up by making it look shinier with Zala’s Keratin Ponytail Hair Extension. After attaching the hair extension to your natural hair, the next step is to tousle the strands a bit to give it that effortless and carefree vibe.

3.   Braided Ponytail

Have more time to spare before your date? Here’s a playful twist to the classic ponytail!

After attaching the ponytail hair extension, you can start braiding the strands. Since our hair extensions are made of 100% Human Remy Hair, you can do any braiding styles and techniques you want without worrying about the strands breaking off. Not only is it quick and easy, but it’s also classy and charming as well.

4.   Soft Glam

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get glammed up and showcase your femininity. And nothing screams sweetheart more than soft curls paired with dainty accessories. 

To achieve a soft glam look, simply curl the lower part of the ponytail extension using our Zala Cosmo Curling Wand. The bigger the curls, the softer and effortless they look. We assure you that this hairstyle will have your partner swooning over you for the rest of the night.

5.   Diva Delight

If you want an attention-grabbing yet sweet look for this Valentine’s, here’s the hairstyle for you. This hairstyle has the length, volume, and curls – what else can you ask for? 

To achieve this look, attach the Zala Hair Pony to your natural hair and then simply curl the entire length of the hair extension. It looks feminine and stylish–and the best part? You can do it in just a few minutes!

Grab that dress you’ve been keeping for a while, put on your favorite lipstick, and feel free to go live your dream date. But remember: don’t stress about it too much! You’re still beautiful no matter what look or hairstyle you go for, so just let yourself loose and enjoy the day of hearts!

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Hair Extensions For Volume

Having longer hair means you can try out more gorgeous hairstyles. Sadly, even long hair can’t save you if your hair’s too thin or limp to hold up your hairdo well.

Nowadays, there are various hair treatments that you can undergo if you want to have long, flowing, voluminous hair. These treatments will give you more hair strands per hair follicle, which will give the appearance of thicker hair. However, not everyone’s lucky enough to undergo these treatments.

hair extensions for volume

The perfect alternative? Using hair extensions for volume .

Using Hair Extensions for Volume

While hair extensions are mostly known to instantly extend your strands, they can also be worn to make your hair more voluminous. And if you’re unsure which hair extensions would be best for your #HairGoals, then this list is for you.

1. Clip-in Extensions

Widely used for many reasons, Clip-in Hair Extensions are usually the first choice when choosing hair extensions. They’re very easy to apply and remove, even if you decide to go the DIY route.

You only need half an hour of additional time to have bulkier and livelier hair. It’s also a great option for beginners since you don’t need much knowledge, time, and effort in order to get the job done.

2. Tape-in Extensions

As the name implies, Tape-in Extensions are hair extensions that use tapes to get attached to your hair. A thin strip of your hair is sandwiched in between two pieces of tape-in extensions and laid flat against your head and as close to the roots as possible.

Because tape-ins use adhesives, you can easily cut longer pieces to make them into shorter pieces, depending on where you want to apply them. This gives you enough flexibility when adding volume to your hair. They’re also much easier to hide since the tapes themselves lie flat on your scalp.

3. Halo Extensions

Halo Hair Extensions aren’t attached to your strands in any way. Instead, it sits on a very thin and almost invisible wire that you wear on your head like a headband. Also, it only takes a minute or two to wear. You can even hide the wire underneath the top section of your hair to make it completely unnoticeable.

However, unlike the other types of extensions on this list, halos offer limited customizability. If you have thinning hair on certain portions of your head, such as the top, you won’t be able to concentrate the additional volume on just that part.

4. Ponytail Extensions

Ponytail Hair Extensions, like the name implies, are made specifically for ponytail hairstyles. It’s a variant of the clip-in extensions that are perfect for clipping onto your own hair’s ponytail.

While the classic pony is a go-to hairstyle for many people, more volume would mean more life to your ponytail hairdo.

As you can see, there’s no need to worry about not having enough volume to pull of that dream hairstyle of yours. Thanks to hair extensions, you can instantly transform from drab to fab!

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Halloween Hair: Modern Princess Belle Tutorial

We’re all familiar with the iconic half-up, half-down locks of the enchanting Princess Belle. With half of her brunette hair in a tousled updo and the remaining locks curled effortlessly, Princess Belle’s hairstyle is one of the most sought after looks if you’re going for that classic and ethereal aesthetic.

But are you ready to pump up this classic Disney hairstyle into a modern princess Belle look? Welcome to our Halloween Hair series, where we’ll provide a complete tutorial on how to achieve some of your favorite character hairstyles!

modern princess belle tutorial

Ponytail As Old As Time

Short hair? We hear you! Even if you have short hair, you can still copy Princess Belle’s iconic hairstyle by using hair extensions!

There are thousands of hair extensions you can choose from, but for this look, we’ll be using our 16″ Ponytail Clip in Hair Extensions, which you can easily clip on to your natural ponytail.

Modern Princess Belle Hair Tutorial

Ready to see your prince? Here’s how to recreate the iconic Princess Belle hairstyle – with a modern twist!

1. Put your natural hair up into a ponytail

The first step is to put your natural hair up into a ponytail, preferably using a neutral-colored band like the one that comes with your Zala ponytail hair extension set. The location of the ponytail will depend on your preference, but if you want to fully get that modern Belle look, we recommend a high pony.

However, do remember to leave a few pieces on the front because these will serve as the stylized top of the hairstyle. Pro-tip: you don’t have to worry about this part if you have bangs.

2. Apply the ponytail hair extension

If you look at your Zala Ponytail Hair Extensions, you can see that it has a fabric mesh at the top with a comb attached to it. This is further lined with Velcro, to help in securing the hair extension to your natural hair. It also includes an extra section of hair to conceal any natural hair that’s peeking out, as well as the elastic band.

After putting your hair in a high ponytail, take the hair extensions and insert the comb, which is attached to the fabric mesh, in the hair tie. Once you can feel that the comb has been inserted, slowly put in the Velcro lining all around the band of your ponytail.

3. Style those front strands

You’ve taken care of the back part, now it’s time to focus on the front section! It wouldn’t be a Princess Belle hairdo without a styled updo. You’re ready to proceed to the next step if you have bangs but if you don’t, you can start styling the few pieces you left on the front.

There are several ways you can style the front pieces of your hair. You can curl them and pin parts of it to the side with a bobby pin. If the strands are short, you can just let them dangle effortlessly. The general rule is that it should be used to frame your face.

After that, take the extra section of hair from the hair extensions and wrap it around the ponytail. The set comes with a bobby pin which you can use to keep the extra section in place.

4. Curl the ends

Effortless locks are a signature style of Disney princesses. Princess Belle in particular has soft and romantic wavy hair, so if you want to achieve the same look, it would be best if you lightly curl your hair together with the ponytail extensions.

For the perfect curls, check out our 4-in-1 Zala Cosmo Curling Wand. It comes with four different barrels for different types of curls, and it’s guaranteed to give you long-lasting curls without harming your natural strands.

5. Accessorize

You already have Belle’s styled updo but it seems like something is missing. What could that be?

Well, it’s not a Princess Belle hairstyle without the iconic golden band at the top of her hair! Since you’re aiming for that modern princess look, you can amp up this classic Disney hairstyle by using a cute bow.

Just pin a silky, high-quality bow to the band of your ponytail or at the side of your head. This will immediately add an extra bit of edginess to your modern Disney Princess look.

Modern Princess Belle Tutorial

Did you enjoy this modern Princess Belle tutorial?

Meeting a prince and getting invited to a grand ball with all the nobles in the land may not exactly be a realistic dream, but remembering all our childhood fairytales is the perfect way to bring out the playful child in us this Halloween. Go put that ponytail on and be the princess that you truly are!

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Types of Hair Extensions at ZALA

Hair extensions are increasingly becoming the trending ‘it’ hair. That’s really no surprise–after all, they’re a fun and non-committal way to achieve that major hair makeover.

Types of Hair Extensions at ZALA

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the different types of hair extensions at ZALA and what you can achieve with them!

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions are the least permanent hair extensions. You can easily clip them in your hair and snap them off to remove.

As the name implies, it has clips attached to the base of wefts sewn to lace or fabric. You simply clip these extensions onto your hair. This means your hair won’t be damaged by chemicals, heat, pressure, or other potentially damaging installation methods.

ZALA’s Clip-in hair extensions are available in multiple lengths from 12 – 30 inches. They also come in more than 25 shades, varying weights, and thickness. With a multi-tone system that helps your hair blend naturally and small, sturdy clips that are light and discreet when applied, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your ZALA’s are premium-quality extensions.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions are exactly what their name says. The extensions are pre-taped and you tape them together on either side of your hair.

Tape-ins allow for easy application and removal, multiple-use, and maximization of placement options so you can achieve a natural look. In fact, you can get a full head of taped hair in under 30 minutes with no heat, glue, or painful wefts.

With the premium quality of 5A European Hair, ZALA’s tape-in hair extensions are available in more than 17 shades and there are five different lengths on hand (12, 16, 20, 22, 26”).

Halo Hair Extensions

Best suited if you have thin to medium hair type or if you have below shoulder-length hair, Halo Hair Extensions act like a headband after you section off your hair at the crown with the front sections of your hair that frame your face left out.

Available in four different lengths, more than 14 shades and transparent bands, ZALA’s halo hair extensions are that perfect once-and-for-all, quick, and invisible way of adding length and volume to your hair.

Quad Weft Clip Extensions

types of hair extensions at zala quad weft

If you want to thicken and extend your hair in one easy step, you can apply Quad Weft Clip-In Hair Extensions.

These extensions have four strips of hair sewn into one thick weft. This contains nearly as much hair as a full set. You just secure the clips onto your head, from ear to ear, and you instantly get a complete hair transformation of longer and thicker hair.

Made of 100% Human Remy Hair, ZALA’s double drawn extra-thick Quad Wefts are available in more than 14 shades and in lengths of either 20 or 24 inches.

Seamless Hair Extensions

types of hair extensions at zala seamless

Also known as Skin Weft Extensions, Seamless Hair Extensions are applied the same way as clip-in hair extensionss since they also have clips hand sewn to the silicone backing.

These extensions are designed for people who prefer lighter and thinner clip-ins, which make them very good for seamlessly blending.

Whether you buy the volumizer extensions available as 12-, 16- and 20-inch pieces or the nine-piece sets that come in either 16 or 20 inches, ZALA’s seamless hair extensions are super easy to apply and conceal.

One Piece Clip In Volumizer

One Piece Clip In Volumizers are a great way to go from flat, dull hair to flaunt volume, gloss and buoyancy in your hair.

Used for supplemental thickness, it can be worn alone if your hair is the same length as the piece. As it is a single-piece and clip-in lightweight, it is suitable for everyday use because it is easy to apply and comfortable to use.

Available in 12, 16, and 20 inches, you can pick from whether you want a Seamless, Halo, or  Keratin volumizer. With also a wide range of shades to choose from, you can find the perfect ZALA volumizer for you.

Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions at ZALA

Clip-in Ponytail Extensions are used specifically for instantly adding length and volume to your ponytail as well as your updos.

These extensions can transform your second-day hair into ponytail perfection, even if you’re just sitting there on your couch for a virtual party night with your friends or an impromptu video call with your better half.

Available in either 100% human hair or 100% keratin protein, you can get your own wrap-in ponytail extensions here at ZALA and be sure they’re comfortable, secure, and natural-looking. You can also choose from the different lengths offered (12”, 16”, 22”, 26”) and more than 14 different shades to achieve your desired style.

Balayage Clip In Hair Extensions

Balayage Clip-in Hair Extensions ensure natural blending with gorgeous ombre combinations.

ZALA listened to customers who were concerned that bleaching the lower half of their hair to create a balayage look could leave their hair damaged, dry and unhealthy. The free-hand painting highlights of a balayage hair creates a soft, natural light gradation.

Luckily for you, we have over 6 shades available in 20 & 24 inches. Use ZALA ombre clip hair extensions & create this timeless sun-kissed look instantly!

Our Balayage extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair, triple-wefted & double drawn. Available in 5-piece and 9-piece sets and in lengths of 20 and 24 inches, you will certainly find the right set for you.

Weft Bundles

ZALA Weft Bundles

Suitable for sewing straight into hair or for making wigs, ZALA Weft Bundles are triple-wefted, which makes them thicker than other wefts on the market.

Intended for professional application, they come in 33-inch-wide straight hair weaves. With a range of shades to pick from and different lengths available, you will find weft bundles at ZALA that are fit for the style you’re after.

Compared to having your hair undergo dyeing or relaxing treatment for a semi-permanent hair makeover, wearing extensions are far less damaging to your natural hair. Also, they’re easier to wear and require less commitment to one hairstyle. After all, you can undo and redo them time and time again.

As you can see, there’s a variety of types, colors, and lengths to choose from. There’s a 100% chance you’ll find the perfect hair extensions for you at ZALA.

Excited to read more about hair? Don’t forget to check out the ZALA blog!


3 Quick Hairstyles with Hair Extensions ft. Ines Silva

Hair extensions are a great way to instantly create a new ‘do without having to spend hours in a salon. Especially with the ZALA Clip-In Hair Extensions, it’s easy to just ‘clip in’ and then go!

zala quick hairstyles hair extensions ines silva

Want to look great without having a lot of time on your hands? Here are 3 quick hairstyles you can do with hair extensions, as seen on Ines Silva’s YouTube channel!

Video and hairstyle credits to Ines Silva at @irisloveunicorns.

zala hair quick hairstyle ines silva-1
(c) Ines Silva

Maxi Braids

Easy to do, easy to wear! Plus, they look nice either way!

  1. Divide your hair into two sections, left and right.
  2. Start braiding your hair until the ends. Secure with an elastic and repeat on the other side.
  3. Pull on the braids to create a looser, messier, more laidback look. Add finishing touches like a beanie and you’re done!
zala hair quick hairstyle ines silva-1
(c) Ines Silva

Two Buns

Here’s a playful look you can get in under 5 minutes!

  1. Divide your hair into two sections, left and right.
  2. Starting with the left side, get the upper half of the section and pull it into a tight bun. Secure with bobby pins and repeat on the other side.
  3. Take your ZALA Curling Wand and curl the ends of your hair to complete the look.
zala hair quick hairstyle ines silva-1
(c) Ines Silva

High Half-Ponytail

Sultry and sexy? We’ve got just the hairstyle for you!

  1. Start off with doing a half ponytail. You can opt for a thicker or thinner ponytail, depending on your preference.
  2. Secure the ponytail with an elastic. Pull it tightly upwards for a cuter look. Make sure that’s it’s perched on the top of your head!
  3. Curl the ends of your hair to complete the look.

If you want to see the video for yourself, feel free to take a look!

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