Hair Extension Maintenance Costs

Just like your own hair, your hair extensions also undergo chemical and heating procedures to give you that runway hairstyle you need, whether it be blonde curls, sleek and straight black, or silver ash beach waves. And so, like with your own hair, your hair extensions also need their own tender loving care.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss hair extension maintenance costs using our best products here at Zala!

Hair Extension Maintenance Costs

Shampoo and Conditioner

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The most basic part of any hair care routine is shampoo and conditioner. Of course, your hair extensions need to be shampooed and conditioned as well.

Hair extension shampoos and conditioners are specially designed to protect your hair extensions and keep them in good condition to prolong their use. In the case of Zala’s Smooth Talker Conditioner and Froth on You Shampoo, they’re safe to use for both your natural hair and your hair extensions.

You only need to shampoo and condition your hair extension every two weeks if you use them daily or once every two to three months if you use them sparingly, so your $12 on each could easily last you a year or so.


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To keep the frizz away and the shine remaining, it’s best to use a special treatment on your hair extensions after washing your hair.

Get that boost of confidence with the silky glamor of your hair extensions after gently rubbing a small amount of Zala’s Revive Me Hair Extensions Treatment. Just spray it on your palm, apply it to your hair, and let it air dry. And because you only need to use it sparingly, your $19.99 for 60ml will surely go a long way.


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If there’s one thing that hair extensions can’t do, unlike your natural hair, it’s that your hair extensions don’t grow again or repair themselves. This means that without proper care and maintenance, hair extensions will inevitably get dry over time.

To combat this, hydrating masks, like Zalaplex’s Hair Extension Hydrating Mask available for $19.99 for 150ml, are formulated to restore moisture to hair extensions from the cuticle cellular level.

Although not necessary, hydrating your hair extensions after shampooing and conditioning them will also prolong their lifespan. You just have to apply the mask to the damp hair extensions and then let it sit for about 20 minutes before you wash it off.


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You’re already a step or two further than necessary by now, so what’s one more step into making your hair extensions a long-term investment? Now that you’ve also revived and hydrated your hair extensions, you could also consider toning the color of your hair extensions back to life. 

If your hair extensions have become brass-colored instead of a beautiful blonde, a toning shampoo that can neutralize the yellow tones, such as Zala’s Cool Down Hair Extension Shampoo, can work wonders. 

Conversely, Zala’s Warm Up Toning Enhancer brings out as many golden hues on your hair extensions’ color as you’d like. When using both, it’s important to try them out on a small piece of hair extension first so you can check if you’d like the resulting hair color.

You have to note that while they are both used for toning,Cool Down Hair Extension Shampoo is a shampoo and therefore must be diluted into a sinkful of water first. This is where you dip your hair extensions for an even tone and then air-dry it afterward. 

Meanwhile, the Warm Up Toning Enhancer is more similar to a conditioner. You can either apply it directly to your extension or dilute it with your Smooth Talker conditioner.

The Cool Down Hair Extension Shampoo costs $12.99 for 200ml, while the Warm Up Toning Hair Extension Enhancer costs $11.99 for 60ml. Since you only have to use them when your hair extensions need a color revamp, they could easily last you across multiple hair extensions.


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Lastly, it’s also very important to have a safe and proper spot for your hair extensions.

You should store your hair extensions somewhere they won’t get damaged or tangled. Functional and chic, Zala’s Silky Storage Pouch is perfect for storing your hair extensions. It’s also very handy for when you want to bring your extensions to your trips.

At $18.99, you can comfortably fit your hair extensions in this cute pouch regardless of their length.

Conclusion: Hair Extension Maintenance Costs

All in all, you should expect to shell out over a hundred dollars to complete all these hair extension maintenance must-haves. 

This may seem like a lot, but remember, you don’t have to buy them in one go. You can prioritize the shampoo, conditioner, and pouch first and then purchase the rest depending on your need. Besides, spending this much so you’d have your hair extensions in good condition to up to a year or two longer instead of buying new ones every few months is a pretty good return for your investment.

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Our Accessory Bundles Can Save You $$?

Do you remember the first time you purchased your first set of hair extensions? Oh, the thrill of picking the right shade, length, and style!

Hair extensions are fun additions to any look but it’s important to remember that just like everything else, they will get damaged if you don’t take care of them.

Now, there’s no denying that hair maintenance can get expensive over time. Luckily for you, we created these hair care and accessory bundles that can save you $$!

Our Accessory Bundles Can Save You $$?

Saving Money With Our Accessory Bundles

Finding the right products for your beloved hair extensions can be overwhelming. Should you use a toner, a shampoo, or both? Is there a product you can use to safely lessen the brassiness of your extensions?

Hair Extensions Care Pack Bundle

Fret not! We created our best-selling Hair Extensions Care Pack Bundle to help you maintain the luscious bounce of your hair extensions. At just $39.99, you will get three amazing products: Froth On You Shampoo, Smooth Talker Conditioner, and Revive Me Hair Extensions Treatment.

1. Froth On You Shampoo

Zala’s Froth On You Shampoo is a special shampoo specially formulated for your hair extensions. Free of icky ingredients such as parabens and sulfates, this shampoo cleanses off grime and build-up without stripping the vibrancy of your extensions.

2. Smooth Talker Conditioner

After using the FOY shampoo, we recommend following it up with the Smooth Talker Conditioner. Not only will it help you lock the moisture in your strands, it will also help maintain your hair’s smooth and soft texture.

3. Revive Me Hair Extension Treatment

For after shower care, use the Revive Me Hair Extension Treatment. It will provide unbelievable shine, lasting gloss, and unbeatable frizz control for your extensions.

With the Hair Extensions Care Pack Bundle, you’ll certainly feel like a million dollars in no time at all!

Tape Hair Extensions Re-Application Pack

If you’re using tape-in hair extensions, we’ve got a special bundle just for you. Our Tape Hair Extensions Re-Application Pack contains all the essentials you need to reapply your tapes, just just $49.99. It contains a pack of pre-cut double sided tapes, a tape solvent, and the Revive Me Hair Extensions Treatment.

1. Pre-Cut Double Sided Tape

This pack contains 120 tabs of pre-cut double-sided tape which can be used for up to three re-applications. It also features a no-shine finish for a more natural look.

2. Tape Hair Extensions Solvent

When removing the tapes from your hair, you should try using the Tape Hair Extension Solvent. Specially formulated for our line of hair extensions, this solvent doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is gentle on the scalp, thanks to its oil-based, natural ingredients.

3. Revive Me Hair Extensions Treatment

Finish up the process with the Revive Me Hair Extensions Treatment to pamper your newly reapplied locks. It’s definitely a great way to breathe new life into your used tape-ins.

Hair Extensions Care Pack Bundle

Maintaining your hair extensions doesn’t need to be expensive. With the right bundles that contain everything you need, you’re guaranteed to have vibrant, gorgeous hair all the time!


Tape for Tape-In Extensions Explained

So, you’re interested in using tape-in hair extensions, huh? It’s understandable that you may be a little hesitant to use them, especially if you’re a first-timer to the world of hair extensions.

We can give you dozens of reasons why hair extensions, including tape-in extensions, are 100% safe, but for your own peace of mind, it’s probably best to discuss their finer details first, such as how tape for tape-in extensions works.

Tape For Tape-In Extensions Explained

What are Tape-in Hair Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are attached to your hair’s roots with medical-grade tape. Because the tapes are very thin, they can lie flat against your scalp, meaning the results are more natural and seamless than most other types of hair extensions. Due to this, tape-in hair extensions are some of the most popular types of extensions on the market right now.

Tape for Tape-in Extensions Explained

One of the reasons why they are so widely used is the ease of application, reapplication, and removal. In fact, the whole process is so quick, it takes no more than 30-60 minutes tops.

As mentioned above, these extensions are applied using a thin strip of tape, which results in a more seamless look when attached to your hair. They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. Since the roots are not being touched, these tapes don’t cause much damage since the hair cuticles remain intact. You can blow-dry, curl, straighten, and do basically any hairstyle to your extensions without worrying about hair damage.

Tape-in hair extensions can also be removed and reapplied multiple times. Here are some helpful tips for beginner extension users.

1. Section your hair

Before you apply or remove the tapes, you should first section your hair for a neater and easier process. We recommend using the Zala Hair Sectioning Clips for this job.

2. Apply solvent to remove the tapes

While tape for tape-in extensions isn’t really damaging, it’s still best to use a proper solvent for it when you want to remove your extensions. For instance, the Zala Hair Tape Extensions Hair Solvent is a great product for easing the adhesive of your tapes without damaging your strands. It doesn’t include any harsh chemicals, so you can rest assured that it will be gentle on your skin. It also has a mostly natural formula with citrus extracts and oil-based ingredients.

To apply the solvent, simply spray it on the tapes you want to remove and soak them for a couple of minutes. Once the adhesive has worn off, you’re now ready to detach them from your natural hair. Make sure to scratch the tape tabs with your fingers to remove any remaining adhesive. It also helps to wash all the pieces to make sure that you wash off all the solvent that you used earlier.

3. Use pre-cut tape tabs

If you want to apply your tape-ins and they no longer stick to your strands, you can easily replace them with the Zala Hair Pre-Cut Tape Tabs. Just apply the tabs to the sticky side of each piece and you can now reapply them after removing the paper backing.

These tabs are high quality and can maintain their hold for 6-10 weeks. They also have a no shine-finish for a more seamless and natural result. Plus, in case you used solvent to remove the tapes last time, these tabs will ensure that the solvent and any remaining adhesive will be gone before you reapply them to your strands.

Using Tape-In Hair Extensions

As you can see, the tape for tape-in extensions is completely safe and should be the least of your worries. Remember, proper care and maintenance should always be observed if you want to keep your extensions for a long time!

For more tips and tricks about hair extensions, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!


5 ZALA Accessories You Need To Try Now

Having high-quality hair extensions is good, but having the right accessories to keep them in good condition for a long time is better. As an investment, knowing how to take proper care of your ZALA Hair Extensions is very important.

With this, here are 5 ZALA Accessories you need to try now for a better haircare experience!

Zala Accessories You Need To Try Now

1. 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand

Styling your hair the right way is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your hair extensions for a long time. One way to blend your hair extensions through styling is by curling your extensions together with your natural hair, effectively hiding where your own strands end and where the hair extensions begin.

Designed especially for use on ZALA Hair Extensions and even fragile or color-treated hair, the 4 in 1 Cosmo Curling Wand has clip-free curling heads that are easy to use. There’s no need to worry about heating your hair too much because the heat settings can be adjusted between 130°C (226°F ) to 220°C (428°F). The ceramic barrels are also infused with tourmaline to lock in moisture and add shine to your curls. It also has frizz control technology to help reduce the frizziness in your strands.

As its name suggests, the Cosmo Curling Wand also has three other barrels aside from the curling one. It has two (2) straight barrels, 18mm and 32mm, and an adjustable 18 – 32 mm tapered barrel. The wand also comes with a free heat defense glove.

2. Tease Me Brush

If you’re a fan of hair care and hairstyling, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “tease your roots” more than once before. Like with styling, teasing your hair is also a must so that you can make your hair look more voluminous and more lively. Of course, you’d need a teasing brush for this.

Compared to traditional teasing brushes, Zala’s Tease Me brush has multi-length bristles that allow the user to lift volume and even the hair itself without causing breakage. This makes it one of the best Zala accessories you need to try now.

3. Protect Me Bag & Hair Extension Travel Carrier

Proper care of your hair extensions to keep them in good condition longer includes a proper casing where you can put your hair extensions when you’re not using them.

Zala’s Protect Me Bag & Hair Extension Travel Carrier is the perfect casing choice for your ZALA Hair Extensions. The zipper is also located at the front so that it’s easier to open and close the storage area. The carrier also comes with a hanger to make sure that your hairpieces are secured and not getting tangled during your journey.

The bag can comfortably fit all lengths of hair extensions, which means it can be used both as a bag for your hair extensions and a carrier for them when you travel.

4. Silky Storage Pouch

If you think the Protect Me bag is a bit too big for you to carry around when you travel or too space-occupying at your vanity area, you can opt for Zala’s Silky Storage Pouch instead. 

Because it’s a silk pouch, you can rest assured that it won’t cause friction on your extensions, even if it rubs against the strands. This, in turn, prevents tangling and damages. The case also looks very premium, with the chicness, class, and care that your hair extensions deserve.

5. Tangle Tamer

Combing your hair whether it’s wet or dry becomes a heartbreaking moment when you see your hair fall on the comb. The main cause? Hair breakages are due to the wrong brush or comb.

With ZALA’s Tangle Tamer, you can peacefully comb out the tangles in your hair without worrying about causing more damage to your hair and hair extensions. The detangling hairbrush features individual teeth that can quickly remove all the pesky knots on your hair.

Plus, it’s compact and handbag-size so you can bring it anywhere. It’s also safe to use regardless of your hair type.

Having hair extensions applied to your hair is not the end of the journey. You can still give more life and love to your crowning glory by doing a few more steps to make sure that your hair extensions are properly cared for and maintained with these 5 ZALA Accessories you need to try now.

For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!


6 Hair Accessories To Avoid

You may not admit it or even realize it, but hair accessories can instantly make or break a hairstyle. Depending on what accessories you choose, you can level up your look – or ruin it entirely.

That said, it’s important to note that not all hair accessories are good for your hair. Actually, there are some that you should think twice before using. In this article, we’ll list down some of the most common hair accessories to avoid!

zala hair accessories to avoid

1. Cotton Scrunchies

Okay, before you panic, let us first that we absolutely love scrunchies as well. They’re so convenient to use and simply hassle-free.

However–and this is an important part–scrunchies can dry your hair out quicker than you could even imagine. This is even worse for curly-haired girls, who tend to have drier hair in general. By using scrunchies every day, you’re basically letting all the moisture get sucked out of your beloved strands.

In other words, while using them occasionally isn’t an issue, you should try to limit the times that you’re using them. In fact, it’s best to stay away from them entirely and just switch straight to silk scrunchies instead.

2. Elastic Bands

Oh, this one hurts just as much as the last item! Elastic bands are honestly some of our favorite accessories out there, mainly due to how easy and convenient they are to use.

But just like with cotton scrunchies, they have a downside to them that you should be wary of as well. To say it simply, wearing elastic bands too tightly on your strands can cause irreparable damages and breakages. By doing this for a prolonged period of time, you’re practically hurting your hair follicles and discouraging further hair growth.

If you’re going to use hair elastics, make sure not to tie them too tightly around your strands. You should also be very careful when removing them from your hair, as your hair shaft may snap if you pull too hard. Also, there’s nothing wrong with giving your hair a break every now and then.

3. Barrettes

We don’t care how cute or gorgeous those barrettes may be – metal and hair is simply not a good combination.

Here’s our problem with barrettes: one, poorly-made barrettes tend to have sharp parts that could possibly cause your hair to break or even cut your scalp. Two, all barrettes have a metal clasping mechanism that can be very damaging to your strands. No matter how careful you are, it’s impossible to avoid breakages every single time.

There’s not even a good reason to use barrettes other than the fact that they look good, so take our advice – if you’re going to pick only one of these hair accessories to avoid, it has to be this.

4. Metal Combs

Metal combs are not exactly accessories, but it’s best to avoid them anyway. As mentioned above, metal shouldn’t really be going anywhere near your strands.

What if the metal had sharp parts? What if there was rust? There are so many what ifs, it’s simply too much trouble for little pay-off.

Not only can metal combs cause damage to your strands, they can hurt your scalp as well. Obviously, you wouldn’t want that, so if we were you, we’d just shove all metal combs to the bin.

5. Hair Jewelry

We get it, jewelries can make any woman feel absolutely fabulous. We love them as well, if only to spice up an otherwise plain outfit.

Jewelries on the hair? Why, few things can make us feel more like a princess than something as simple as that. There’s just something about wearing hair jewelry that make us feel more gorgeous than ever before.

But hair jewelry can have negative consequences too. Many of these hair accessories can tangle, snag, and break your beloved tresses. Of course, once your strands are broken, there’s no fix other than just letting them grow back.

6. Hair Pins

Just to clarify, yes, hair pins are an absolutely necessary part of anyone hairstyling routine. But this article is about hair accessories to avoid, not which hairstyling tools you shouldn’t use. And there are certainly some rules you have to abide by when you want to use hair pins.

For one, it’s best to avoid metal hair pins, which you shouldn’t use unless they’ve got rubber tips. Two, if you had no choice but to use metal hair pins in your hair styling, you should never use it while you’re using a hot blowdryer. The heat could cause the pin to warp into your hair, causing damage to your strands. Three, you should never wear hair pins to bed, as this can cause breakage while you’re asleep.

Now you know the 6 hair accessories to avoid, or at least be wary of. Remember, your hair deserves the best!

For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!