100% Human Tape Hair Extensions

Affordable Hair Extensions

Transform your hair in moments with Zala’s affordable, high quality Remy and Keratin extensions. Designed to blend seamlessly with your own hair, you can easily achieve longer, thicker hair in seconds. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and lengths.

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Tape-in Hair Extensions
One of our most popular ranges, tape-in hair extensions are semi-permanent, so we recommend getting your stylist to assist you with the application. Zala Tape-in extensions are made using ethically sourced human hair. This means you can shampoo, dye, sleep and style them just like your own hair. Plus, they last for up to 8 weeks with proper care and maintenance.

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Clip-in Hair Extensions
These are the best clip-in hair extensions, and one of the quickest and easiest to apply and are a fast way to transform your look, adding length and volume to your hair in seconds. Our absolutely massive clip-in range includes styles such as seamless, classic, ponytail, quadweft, balayage and more.

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Ponytail Hair Extensions
Don’t wait for your hair to grow… you could have a super-thick ponytail literally in seconds. All you need to do is clip-wrap-and-go! Our clip-in ponytail hair extensions are applied using a specially designed combo clip-n-velcro attachment to make sure you can confidently whip that hair back and forward.

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Halo Hair Extensions
One of the newest, innovative and most loved online hair extension ranges, our Halo Hair Extension is one of the easiest ways to add length and volume to your hair. The halo is secured with a barely-there clear band - no tape, no glue, no painful braids. Just long luscious hair in a matter of seconds. Our IG and TikTok girlies love these.

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Weft Hair extensions
Our weft hair extensions are loved by professional stylists. They’re wig-quality and 3x thicker per piece and are made using ethically sourced Remy human hair, so you can cut, curl and dye them to suit you. Add length, enhance your own hair shades or just enjoy the extra volume. Wefts should be professionally applied, being sewn directly into braided hair or even made into wigs.

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Vegan Keratin Hair extensions
Our vegan keratin hair extensions are a super-affordable way to transform your look, adding both volume and length to your hair. Our keratin range includes volumizers, halo, clip-in ponytails, and regular clip-in extension products and available in up to 16 shades. All are super-easy to apply and have an ultra natural feel.

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