Behind our products

We consider the different stages of our supply chain seriously to ensure an exceptional and ethical product is delivered to our customers. This means that we can locate the origin of all our sourced hair before it's taken to our factory & made into our fantastic different Zala shades.
All Zala hair is ethically sourced. We source from two main areas - Eastern Europe & Asia. All our hair is purchased from healthy adults who agree to sell their hair in advance to our special buyers, often arranged months in advance. The money they receive for this is significant & can often be months worth of pay in their local currency. We take great pride in knowing that working directly with these communities provide much needed funds for their everyday living needs and a source of income that does not require any labor.
ISO 9001 Certified
All ZALA Products Are Made At Our Factory In Asia, With Care For Our Environment As One Of Our Top Priorities: We Actively Work To Minimize The Carbon Footprint Of Manufacturing Whilst Ensuring Strict Quality Control To Provide Our Premium Quality & Our Award Winning Products.