3 Faux Braid Styles to Try

Have you ever wanted to pull your hair into a new hairstyle without dealing with the hassle of complicated techniques? If so, then the faux braid styles are for you! Faux braids are great because they look gorgeous and take less time and effort to achieve. They’re also perfect if you have thin or fine hair tangled easily when wet.

Doing your hair can sometimes be painstaking, but not with faux braids. Try out these simple ways to style your hair into faux braids and transform your look in minutes.

1. Faux French Braid Pigtails

This faux braid style is perfect for thin hair. It makes your locks look braided without practically braiding them. Plus, this style adds volume and thickness to your hair.


1. Create a center part and divide your hair into two equal portions.

2. Take a portion of hair (any size) in the front on one side of your head and put a small elastic around it to create a ponytail.

3. Use a clip to keep the ponytail section forward so you can work with the rest of the steps.

4. Next, take another hair section just under the ponytail and use another small elastic band to secure it. It would work best if this hair portion’s thickness matches the first one’s thickness.

5. Now you have two ponytails. Remove the clip from the first pony and divide it into two halves. Then take the second pony and pull it through the two halves of the first ponytail. Clip the second ponytail out of the way.

6. Create a third ponytail by integrating the first section’s halves. Use an elastic band to hold it in place.

7. Repeat step five until you get to the end of your hair: split the second pony into two halves and pull the third section through the halves. Include the halves of the second portion in the following section and so on.

8. Use an elastic to keep the last two ends in place. Then, apply a light pull on each half of your braid for extra volume and consistency. Doing so gives the hairstyle a French braid effect.

9. Repeat all the above steps on the other side of your hair, and you’re all set!

2. Pull Through Braids

This faux braid style looks so graceful and stylish. You’ll get the best results with this style if you have second-day hair.


1. Prepare your hair for this style by straightening it. Doing so makes the hairstyle more achievable, but you can even get this style without straightening your hair.

2. Create a center part and divide your hair into two equal portions.

3. Take a small portion of hair in the front on one side of your head, pull it back, and put a small elastic band around it to create a ponytail.

4. Split the pulled-back hair portion into two halves, tug the ponytail through, and bend it underneath.

5. Make a second portion right after the first one, securing both the first and second ponytails.

6. Split the tugged-back pony into two halves and pass the new section across the halves. Repeat this step until you reach the ends of your hair (at the nape of your neck). You can braid your hair towards the end or create a ponytail.

7. Repeat all of the above steps on the other side of your head, and you’re good to go.

3. Faux Fishtail Braids

The faux fishtail braid looks more chic and voluminous than the regular fishtail braid. It looks even more impressive on anyone with thick, long hair. If your hair is shorter or thin, consider wearing real human hair tape-in extensions to get the required length and thickness for this hairstyle.


1. Take a portion of hair at the top of your head, twist it, and use bobby pins to hold it in place.

2. Take the second portion of hair on any side of the first portion and use an elastic band to hold them together.

3. Pull the ponytail across the twisted hair portion and then take out the bobby pins.

4. Tease your hair, gently removing hairpieces for extra texture and volume.

5. Repeat the above steps to create as many sections as possible.

6. After you reach the end of your hair, you’ll be left with one ponytail underneath and another over it. Tug the underneath section onward and pull it across until you get to the ends.

The faux braids above look great when you have thick and fuller hair, although they also suit thin hair. You can wear these styles with hair extensions if your hair lacks volume, length, or thickness.

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May 08, 2022
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