Curly Girl FAQs

Like how the old beauty tip goes, your hair frames your face. But what about when you have loads of curls as your frame? Don’t deny it, you’ve probably received way too many questions about your locks to the point that you already have a fixed answer!

For this article, we asked some curly-haired gals for the most common questions people ask them. Take a look at the Curly Girl FAQS, a.k.a. questions that curly heads often get!

zala curly girl faqs

Curly Girl FAQs

What did you do to make your hair look like that?

Answer: Short answer is: genetics! I can definitely say that I woke up like this. Sometimes, my curls cooperate and look like the ones you see in commercials. But expect it to look limp and frizzy sometimes, too.

Is that your real hair?

Answer: Yes it is! I am aware of the fact that not everyone is curly so I try my best to showcase it!

Do you use a brush for your hair?

Answer: A big NO. Curly heads like me take so much of our time in maintaining the curls. A big part of this process is trying to lessen the frizz. When brushing curly hair, it tends to make our hair frizzy! Brushes are definitely considered as enemies.

Do you like straightening it for events?

Answer: I personally want to flaunt it but some curlies straighten their hair for special occasions. However, it actually takes so much time to straighten curly hair more than the time it will take me to define my curls. I’d rather have my curls bounce free.

Why don’t you like straightening your hair often?

Answer: Having my curls and waves bounce instead of straightening it makes me feel more authentic. My hair is a part of me and I feel like straightening my curls is like trying to be another person.

Also, I don't have to explain my choices because I have the same right to do whatever I want with my hair just like you have the right to do with yours.

Your hair looks wet most of the time? Why is that?

Answer: Curly hair can get really frizzy. And I mean it when I say frizzy. Curlies often put a lot of gel (to the point that it looks wet) because gels tame the frizz and make our curls more defined.

Do you have a hair routine?

Answer: Just straight hair, we also have our own routine! I personally follow the curly girl method. This method takes away the harmful products and activities like shampoo and conditioners in order to create a healthier hair routine for curlies.

How long do you take to make it look like that?

Answer: A full-on curly hair routine may take more time than you think! We need to clean our scalp with conditioner (it depends if you want to use shampoo), wash it, put more conditioner, put on gel, and then air dry it. Sometimes, we put on a moisturizing deep conditioner to bring back moisture into our curls.

The process may be longer than you think but it is definitely worth it!

Do you like your curly hair?

Answer: Absolutely! Curly hair is a lot harder to manage than straight hair. It also took me years to figure out what my hair needs and the products to fulfill those needs. You will also need to save up for those products because I tell you, those products are not cheap!

But do I love my hair despite its tangles and sometimes unruly curls? Definitely. It’s something that I will always be proud to have.

Can I touch it?

Answer: A big no from me. It takes me several minutes to put in all my hair products every morning and night. I understand the urge to touch it because, and yes I agree, that it looks fluffy and soft. But also, there is no need to touch my hair. You can appreciate it just by looking at it.

Is your hair naturally that curly?

Answer: No, but it’s not the same for everyone. Some curly heads wake up to a head of curls but some like myself sometimes wake up to frizzy hair. It sounds like a sad thing but that’s nothing to worry about.

We understand that our curls will not be defined every time we want them to and that’s okay. And also, there’s nothing a few pumps of gel can’t fix!

How long does it stay curly?

Answer: It depends, to be honest. I usually just bring a small container of a mixture of water and conditioner. I then use this as a sort of leave-in conditioner whenever I’m out to quickly manage the frizz and to bring back my curl definition. Try this one out! It’s really handy.


And there you have it for our Curly Girl FAQs! Have you been asked these questions, too? We should realize that people who do not have curly hair are just genuinely curious about our curls. Look at it as an opportunity to spread knowledge about our hair. The more they know, the more they will understand the struggle and not just its beauty.

Your hair is beautiful and you should be proud of it!

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August 12, 2020
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