Iconic Curls That We Know

While it is still common to straighten out the hair or manipulate its texture or bulk it with extensions, all that heat-styling and coloring can cause irreparable damage to the hair. This is especially so for celebrities whose daily lives include red carpet walks, commercial and poster shoots, and television and public appearances. 

But more and more of them have shed the extensions and showed off their natural textures. After all, you can rock your curly hair as much as the straight-haired girls wear theirs in many ways.

These public figures have let the curls come through and make them unforgettable. Because of these iconic curls, our learned ideals of what makes a hair beautiful is now changing.

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Karyn Parsons (as Hilary Banks) and Tatyana Ali (as Ashley Banks) in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Chances are you have picked up a shopping addiction, or at the very least legit shopping interest, from Hilary and a high level of sass and quality eye roll from Ashley. You can’t deny these two sisters from the 90’s American sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” has the style and hair to boot.

Karyn Parsons and Tatyana Ali
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In the more than two decades span of Queen Bey’s entire career, she’s rocked more hairstyles than you’ve probably ever known. Queen B has shown off endless killer curly (and straight) hair looks - bum-length curls, honey blonde afro, pixie cut - name it and she’s worn them. While we’ve seen her wear lots and lots of curly hairstyles, her natural texture of loose golden curls is still possibly the most hair goals.

iconic curls beyonce
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Zendaya’s known for playing with and pulling off every style possible on her public appearances from locs to waist-length wigs. But for the most part, she can be seen with her natural curls that we can’t help but love.

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Rihanna, like Beyonce, is such a hair chameleon. It isn’t new to find news about her flaunting a new natural hair! You’d be surprised at how many natural hairs she’s got because people kept mistaking many of her looks for her natural hair. 

There’s nothing to worry about her hair though as her hairstylists have spoken up about how they keep her hair nourished and protected under all the weaves and wigs she wears which is obviously paying off.

iconic curls rihanna
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Born with 3B curls that are coarser, springier, and tighter than 3A curls and tend to stay coiled no matter how much you play with them or what products you put on them, Shakira is that Mega Star with the Mega Curls and a Mega Heart.

Chaka Khan

Though Chaka has covered up her natural fluffy cottony z-shape patterned curls many times, she still rocks her natural curls. With her powerhouse voice, bodaciousness, and of course, her huge iconic curls, 10-time Grammy-winner Chaka Khan is Every Woman!

iconic curls chaka khan
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Jessica Williams

Although this actress and comedian sometimes opts for wigs when she feels like it, and dons brightly colored locks or chunky braids, there’s no denying Jessica Williams rocks her natural afro hair when she lets it loose.

Jessica Williams
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Taraji P. Henson

Actress Taraji usually dons her dark straight hair even though she can pull off any hairstyle. When she dyed her hair a light honey brown, she rocked a twist out to the 2019 Global Citizen Festival created by her hairstylist Chuck Amos. Early this year, she even launched her own hair care line inspired by her natural hair journey.

iconic curls taraji p henson
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Gabrielle Union-Wade

During the quarantine, Gabrielle revealed her latest hair makeover through a quick selfie video she posted on Instagram last April 5, captioning that her natural hair appreciated the lockdown. She’s returned to her short, natural hair which was last seen in October 2019 as she had been wearing her super-long box braids with loose ends pretty much since. Talk about iconic curls!

Gabrielle Union Wade
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Yara Shahidi

Yara’s iconic curls are pretty famous since she usually just wears her healthy defined curls that are free to bounce whatever the occasion. Although she is also known to sometimes switch it up in elaborate braids or wigs.

iconic curls
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Willow Smith

19-year-old Willow Smith’s gorgeous voluminous hair is a statement afro we can’t get enough of. Although we might have to miss it for a while since she shaved it off again, in the name of art this time. Her bandmate Tyle Cole was cutting her hair and then eventually ended up shaving it in a performance where they showcased eight stages of anxiety while inside a glass box.

Willow Smith
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Even though these celebrities probably have a team of hair professionals and the best and most miraculous of an entire table of hair products they can choose from, the struggle of showing off their natural crowns is as much of a struggle to them as it is for us.

And if they can do it, then it won’t hurt for us to be comfortable with ours too.

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August 27, 2020
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