The best quality Tape hair extensions by ZALA hair

ZALA hair extensions are known for silky and super luscious clip in hair extensions, but did you know ZALA has introduced a AAA grade tape hair extensions range? Due to popular demand, ZALA has introduced the best tape hair extensions on the market. Offering 5A grade, silky soft hair which is thick from top to bottom, check out our premium range of tape hair extensions.

Tape Hair Extensions Before and After

The hair extension market is flooded with brands which overcharge and under deliver hair, failing to live up to the promises online sellers give. This is why our loyal customers, who trust ZALA with their clip in hair extensions, have begged us to create permanent Tape hair extensions options.

After months in the making to create the perfect Tape hair extensions for our ZALA customers and trial and testing, we have designed the most utterly sweet and incredible Tape hair extensions range.


Tape hair extensions are a fairly new application method in the hair extension world however they are already extremely popular! They can be applied at home yourself or by a friend or they can be taken into your local hairdresser to be applied. They generally last between 4-8 weeks if cared for properly and depending on your hair routine.


So, how to tape-in hair extensions work, you ask! Well, tape hair are strips of about 2 inches of hair with transparent tape along the top. Your natural hair needs to be sandwiched between two pieces of the tape hair extension strips.

You separate one strip and place one half of the strip at the back of a segmented piece of your hair the same width as the tape, and place the other side on the front, using the warmth of your fingers to join the tape together. Very simple!

Tape hair extensions are purchased in packs of 20 individual pieces. As a guide, go with the 40 piece set if your hair is thin/fine. If your hair is medium thickness, 40-60 pieces is optimal and if your hair is thick, or you want to add a lot of volume, go with the 60 piece set. Or if you are serious about volume, 80 pieces creates super thick hair.

The added length, volume, and thickness is sure to enhance your beauty, giving you a Rapunzel-like makeover. Go through your tape-in hair extensions before and after photos to see your beautiful transformation.


Important tips when looking for tape extensions are

1) GOOD quality hair- Human Remy hair is very important when wearing permanent and even non-permanent hair extensions. You will be washing them regularly and treating them as your own hair therefore a high quality is very important. Although this is vital, did you know there are grades of hair within this category? ZALA is offering not only a high grade of hair, but the highest grade available. We are also offering this to you at the best price available.

2) High quality tape. It is one thing to have lovely hair used in your extensions but if the tape you use is cheap or B grade, then the glue will leak and spread through your gorgeous new hair and create an undesirable finish. ZALA uses a new and popular tape system of blue tape. Better for your hair and a better finish! 

3) A confident person to apply them to ensure they are applied to your standard. There is no point spending all your time and money sourcing great extensions if they are applied terribly! Be sure to check the difference by checking your tape-in extensions before and after pictures.


Order your new ZALA tape hair extensions today and wake up with perfect hair, everyday! We have wholesale prices available for salons and bulk buys. Contact us for more information!

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May 15, 2014
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