The Risks of Cutting Your Own Hair at Home

As a mom, wife, or working woman, you know how hard it is to find time to look after yourself. And at times, you may just feel like you need to cut your own hair because you don't have time to visit a salon. You may even watch a video or two about how to cut your own hair at home and think, "Well, that sounds pretty simple. I can cut my own hair!" 

But we don't recommend cutting your own hair at home! Believe it or not, there are many risks associated with taking the DIY route to trim your locks. Plus, there are plenty of hairstylists that can offer you a better experience with less frustration than if you try to do it yourself. And let's be honest: who wants to have a botched haircut?

Here are the reasons why cutting your own hair is a bad idea.

You Don't Have the Experience

The problem with cutting your own hair is that you don't have as much experience as a stylist with cutting hair, let alone cutting your own hair. And chances are you don't really know what you're doing and can end up making mistakes, such as uneven or choppy cuts and too short hair. If you've never given yourself a haircut before, it’s a good idea to just avoid the experience altogether. 

If you still want to take the risk, then do so after planning what you'll do if you end up with a botched haircut. One of the best ways to hide short or botched haircuts is to use hair extensions. For example, clip-in hair extensions are temporary hair wefts that you can install in your hair to hide your haircut and, at the same time, allow your natural hair to grow. For best results, you need to learn how to put extensions in short hair (which is pretty easy with clip-ins).

The Wrong Tools Cause Split Ends

Professional stylists have specialized hair cutting tools, which is one of the primary reasons they can deliver excellent results. But most of us, ordinary women, don't have such tools at home. Most women use office or kitchen scissors to cut their hair, which is not ideal. The blunt blades of the scissors will create split ends and can also affect the aesthetic appeal of your rather healthy and beautiful hair. 

If you want to prevent split ends and retain the healthy and beautiful look of your hair, then, by all means, try to avoid cutting your own hair. Instead, take some time to visit a hairdresser for a professional haircut. Remember that cutting hair requires specialized skills, knowledge, and tools besides precision, confidence, and accuracy. It's difficult for those without formal training to tell which parts of their head need more attention than others. Snipping off your tresses could be a disastrous move that you'll regret for months down the line.

You'll Need to Visit a Salon Anyway

You may think cutting your hair can save you time and money. But the result may not be what you expect. Your bad DIY haircut can be costly because you'll eventually need to visit a salon to fix the uneven ends or style your very short hair. Just think about going through all of the trouble to cut your hair at home and then embark on a costly salon trip to fix your botched haircut! It sounds very frustrating, doesn't it?

Instead of cutting your locks, why don't you go to your hairdresser in the first place? After all, you'll have to visit your stylist anyway to fix your botched haircut!

Quick Fix: Hair Extensions

As mentioned above, hair extensions are the best way to hide your botched haircut quickly. We recommend clip-in extensions because they come as temporary hair wefts that you can install in your hair within minutes without going to a salon. And you can remove and reinstall them whenever you want--no long-term commitment to extensions! And once your natural hair grows enough, you can quickly go extension-free! 

Anyway, buy only 100 percent Remy human hair extensions because they last longer, look entirely natural, and blend seamlessly with your own hair. 

Want to fix your botched haircut with inexpensive but premium-quality clip-in extensions? Check out Zala’s clip-in hair extensions collection, pick a shade and length of your choice, and place your order online in a few easy steps.

Quick Fix: Hair Extensions
April 27, 2022
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