The Top Celebrity Super Bowl Hairstyles of All Time

With the Super Bowl just a little over a month away, it’s the perfect time to plan the look you're going for!

Choosing the right curls and waves, the most suitable length, and even the best hair color is critical to looking and feeling like you’ve touched down. After all, nothing beats feeling the vibe of a huge sports event by styling up from head to toe in the name of the sports spirit.

Best Of: Celebrity Super Bowl Hairstyles

And so, to give you some inspiration on what hairdo you would possibly want to wear on that exciting day, here are some of the most iconic celebrity Super Bowl hairstyles of all time!

#1 Lady Gaga’s Blonde and Pink Locks

Lady Gaga wore loosely slicked back blonde and pink hair with locks curled from mid-length to the end during her Halftime Show back in Super Bowl 2017. Doesn’t that just speak of self-confidence when you’re going to be around football-induced enthusiasm?

That said, we gotta admit that maybe having two contrasting hair colors at the same time is a bit difficult to pull off. After all, you'll still have to live with those hair colors after the event is over. But that’s what hair extensions are for: making your dream hairstyle possible.

For this look, feel free to dye your hair extensions in blonde and pink or whichever pair of colors you prefer. We recommend curling the ends, too, for a more chic look!

#2 Idina Menzel’s Girl Waves

When Idina Menzel sang the national anthem for Super Bowl 2015, usual was the way she went. From her elegant, black jumpsuit dress and neutral-toned makeup to her cascading girl waves, the look she donned was as familiar to us as the melody she sang that day. 

Simply put, you can never go wrong with soft, touchable waves. Go have fun with this classic event hairstyle!

#3 Katy Perry’s Perky Ponytail

When Katy Perry performed with Lenny Kravitz in Super Bowl 2015, she specifically asked her hairstylist for the perkiest pony. 

The thick, bouncy, and slicked back ponytail she helicoptered for her performance was iconic in itself. As a signature hairstyle and tradition for some of the strongest charactered female musicians, if you want to show off charisma, then this ponytail is your choice.

A ponytail extension can give the appearance of thicker hair, which makes a livelier look when you style your hair in bouncy curls!

#4 Beyoncé’s Messy Waves

The hairstyle Beyoncé rocked in Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show was as hot as her performance. If you’re looking to ooze sex appeal on the day, the glam of the stellar long, blonde waves could be your choice.

Thick hair styled in kinky curls starting from about an inch from the root is a classic. Even if you aren’t wearing something as sexy as her leather get-up, you can still look as alluring with just the waves and your sexiest dress up and makeup.

Conclusion: Celebrity Super Bowl Hairstyles

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we're well aware that Super Bowl 2021 will probably lack all the big names on and off the field we admire and probably want to see in person, even from afar. That said, Super Bowl is still happening, albeit differently. That’s enough reason to dress up, make up, and, most importantly, hair up!

For more hair inspiration, don't forget to check out the Zala blog!

January 27, 2021
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