Difference Between Synthetic Human hair Extensions

Hair extensions made from human hair have many clear advantages, being able to be treated like your natural hair. They also have a much longer life span, remaining soft, silky and healthy with correct care, use & storage.

Hair extensions made from synthetic hair do not last as long and are typically very difficult to style as they cannot be straightened, curled, dyed or toned. Due to these factors, synthetic hair extensions are often known to not blend seamlessly with natural hair. This does lead us to expected price ranges - for synthetic hair, you shouldn't be paying more than $60- $90 and for human hair, it can range from $120-$500+ depending on the grade of hair used.

It is clear that there are disadvantages to synthetic hair extensions and therefore we highly recommend you invest in human hair extensions over synthetic to ensure the most seamless, undetectable & natural results.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair Extensions