Bama Rush! Back to School Hairstyles

Class is in session, and it’s time to hit the books and the hallways with fabulous back to school hairstyles! We’re here to show you the way with three super cute and simple hairstyles for school that are as easy as they are stunning.

From the first bell to final dismissal, these are the best back to school hairstyles that will make you look picture-perfect all day. And guess what? We’ve got a secret weapon available – Zala Hair Extensions – to help you ace these easy hairstyles for school like a pro.


Let’s dive into the world of glamorous hair and land you straight A’s in style!

Clean Girl Braided Ponytail

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Ready to radiate confidence as you stride through the school hallway? Our first back to school hairstyle is your one-way ticket to effortless beauty. Ideal for those seeking a clean and stylish look that will keep everything in place, this hair-do is a must-do.

The Clip In Ponytail Hair Extension by Zala Hair will take this style to the next level. This pristine addition elevates the style with an easy application that completely transforms your look.

Follow these steps to get your clean girl look:

Step 1: Create a section with a middle part about two inches from your hairline. Section off this part of your hair and clip it away.
Step 2: Gather all remaining hair from the nape of your neck and near your ears, smoothly pulling it back into a high ponytail. Use your favorite hair spray or apply styling gel for that extra hold.
Step 3: Take the two sections left out and slide them gently to the sides of your head using a styling product to secure them in place, maintaining the sharp middle part.
Step 4: Merge the side sections with your existing high ponytail, creating one sleek ponytail.
Step 5: Take your Zala Clip In Ponytail Extension and clip it at the base of your ponytail. Wrap the smaller section of hair around the base to conceal the weft.
Step 6: Let your creativity commence by assembling a three-strand braid with the entire ponytail. Take an elastic band and seal the end of the ponytail.

And there you have it – a flawless back to school look, giving you that clean girl aesthetic.

Two Strand Twist Halo Style

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Getting into our next hairstyle – a hairdo that is bound to become your all time favorite – it is the epitome of DIY friendliness. In the most straightforward steps, you are guaranteed to have tresses that will boost your hair game in no time.

And if you’re longing for extra thickness and length, the Halo Hair Extensions from Zala Hair are your go-to solution with their 30-second application.

Let’s uncover the magic of this style step-by-step:

Step 1: Begin applying the Halo Hair Extension by sectioning off the hair at the crown of your head and securing it in a bun with a clip. Leave about an inch of hair down from the hairline.
Step 2: With the bun in place, position the band of the halo extension over the bun, ensuring that the band sits just behind that inch of hair you left down. Tug the extension downward in the back for a snug fit.
Step 3: Now release the bun to begin styling and section off two front pieces that will frame your face gracefully.
Step 4: Just above your ear, take a section of hair and form a two-strand twist. Repeat this by creating another twist on the opposite side. Step 5: Bring both twists to the front of your face and join them with an elastic band.
Step 6: With the twists secured together at the front, take the ends of the twists and pull them over to the back of your head.
Step 7: Release the two front pieces of hair and position them as desired.

You’ve just unlocked a trendy style that’s ready to steal the spotlight in class!

Claw Clip Half Up Half Down

Calling all claw clip enthusiasts! This style is all about you, made to cater to your unique charm. If you’re searching for cute back to school hairstyles that will add flair to your busiest mornings, look no further.

And Zala Hair is here to the rescue with Clip In Hair Extensions, a complete game changer for enhancing your hairstyle. You can curate a hair masterpiece with only a clip and a comb.

Here is the regimen for attaining this hairdo:

Step 1: Section off your hair above the ear and clip it away. If you’re looking for volume, the 5-piece Clip In Hair Extension set is for you.
Step 2: Place the two-clip piece on the part and press the clips inward to secure. Section your hair an inch above the previous one, take the three-piece clip, and attach them, beginning with the middle clip. Repeat this process for each remaining clip in piece.
Step 3: With all clip ins installed, gently brush the remaining top section down and begin styling your hair by sectioning your hair across the top of your ears.
Step 4: Gather the top section into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic band.
Step 5: Divide the ponytail into two sections, from top to bottom, and place your favorite claw clip in between the two sections.
Step 6: Let the top section of the ponytail flow over the claw clip smoothly. Brush down the bottom section, ensuring it’s perfectly in sync with the ponytail.
Now you have a splendid claw clip style that will allow you to conquer the school day optimistically.

Extensions in Human and Keratin Hair

Within the realm of back to school hairstyles, gear up to explore the endless options of hair extensions. At Zala Hair, discover 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions famed for quality and versatility. Their flexibility grants you the liberty to trim, tint, and style as you wish – much like your natural hair.

The selection at Zala Hair extends to include Keratin Hair Extensions, as well, as a vegan alternative meticulously formed with a synthetic keratin-fiber material. While still equipped with maximum quality and volume, these extensions are affordable and best for those special moments.

So, as you weave your path to incredible and easy back to school hairstyles, remember that Zala Hair is by your side, vowing ease, elegance, and limitless potential.
August 18, 2023
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