DIY Braid Hairstyles

Who doesn’t love rocking simple braid hairstyles from time to time? They’re super easy to put in and are bound to give your hair some creativity from day to day. If you’re on the hunt for some easy braids to do on yourself, you’ve landed in the right place.

We’re here to guide you through not one, not two, but three simple braid styles for natural hair with the help of some enhancements that will never fail to impress. And with the best hair extensions for braids under your sleeve, Zala Hair Extensions, the process will be nothing short of a breeze so that you can flaunt your hairdo in no time.

Say goodbye to complicated hairstyling and hello to your revamped braid game!

Triple Dutch Braided Ponytail

Are you searching for easy braids for beginners that will allow you to dive into the braiding world confidently? The triple Dutch braided ponytail seamlessly blends chic with versatility. This glamorous hairstyle combines the elegance of braids and the sleekness of a ponytail for a look that will stun.

Ready to take this style to the next level? The Ponytail Hair Extensions from Zala Hair is the ultimate addition to your hairstyle. Upgrading your braid game has never been simpler, as these extensions are coupled with a constant thickness from top to bottom and a seamless application for instant transformation.

Here’s how to achieve hair greatness step by step:
Step 1: Begin by slicking your hair into a sleek high ponytail with your favorite gel or hairspray.
Step 2: Apply the beloved Ponytail Hair Extension at the base of your ponytail, securing it with the clip. Wrap the smaller section of hair around the base for extra security.
Step 3: Comb through the ponytail and split it into three even sections.
Step 4: Dutch braid each section by dividing the hair into three sections. Cross the left strand under the middle and the right strand under the middle strand, and repeat until you reach the bottom. Repeat for the remaining two sections.
Step 5: Fasten the ends of each braid with an elastic band.

And there you have it! You’ve just unlocked the triple Dutch braided ponytail and reached braid superiority.


Messy Double Dutch Braid Style

Let’s venture into a style that resonates with the free-spirited at heart. The double Dutch braid flows loosely to the back, celebrating an easygoing attitude and a zest for life. If this sounds like you, this is your match made in hairstyle heaven.

The Halo Hair Extensions by Zala Hair are the perfect complement for those looking to add thickness and length. In a mere 30 seconds, you can unveil voluminous and bouncy hair that’s eager to face anything.

Now let’s uncover the steps to capture this awe-inspiring look:
Step 1: Begin by sectioning off the crown area, leaving about an inch of hair down from the hairline. Attach the Halo Hair Extension by placing the band over your bun. Pull the halo extensions downward to secure them and release the hair from the clip.
Step 2: Create a middle part extending down toward the back of your head and clip one side away for easy handling.
Step 3: Begin your Dutch braids at the front, dividing the hair into three strands. Cross the outer strands beneath the middle strand, intertwining new sections of hair as you braid downwards. Repeat on the opposite side.
Step 4: Place an elastic band at the ends once both braids are complete.
Step 5: To gain that alluring untamed appearance, gently pull the hair in the braids outward on both sides, fluffing them as you go. Repeat on the opposite side.

With this, you have curated one of the most simple fast braiding styles that emanate effortless charisma.


Bubble Braid Hairstyle

Prepare to become fascinated by a hairstyle that easily steals the spotlight with its delicate and adorable pizzazz – bubble braids. With nothing more than a handful of rubber bands and your luscious locks, you’re able to embrace a style that will capture hearts.

And when it comes to finding the perfect partner for this hairstyle, look no further than Zala Hair’s Clip In Extensions. Designed to give you length and volume, the clip in extensions are the best accessory for this hairstyle, especially if you’re aiming for easy braids for long hair.

Your roadmap to emulating this gorgeous bubble braid look lies here:
Step 1: Begin by sectioning off your hair at the neck, making space for the magic of Clip In Hair Extensions. Attach each clip along your parted hair, ensuring a snug fit by pressing them inward.
Step 2: Gradually work your way up, attaching the clip ins to each section. Release the upper portion once you have reached the crown and allow it to fall beautifully.
Step 3: Make a middle part and section off two portions of hair on either side of the line.
Step 4: Section off the back for clarity and focus on one of the front sections. Begin by applying clear elastics onto the hair, starting right from the top. Continue along the length, spacing each elastic about an inch apart until you reach the end. Repeat on the opposite side.
Step 5: Release the back portion of your hair and frame your face with the two front bubble braids.

Marvel at the amazing outcome of your completed bubble braid look – a masterpiece that radiates grace.


Each style we have covered in the captivating world of braided hairstyles indicates exceptional versatility and originality, attainable with just a few simple steps. And when the aim is to enrich these looks with length, volume, and painless beauty, Zala Hair Extensions stands as your trusted ally.
August 21, 2023
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