How to Care for ZALA tape in hair extensions


Even though ZALA tape hair extensions are quick & easy to apply, we always recommend having your extensions installed by a professional hairdresser with tape
hair extension experience as this is really important to how the product performs and ensure the most seamless results!

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Have your tape

hair extensions applied

by a professional

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Make sure all

pieces are applied

to clean, dry hair

free of product

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Make sure all

pieces are applied

to clean, dry hair

free of product

Top tip!

Remind your hairdresser to not use conditioner on the roots of your hair when washing prior to application.

Check out our stockists page here for a full list of salons across Australia who use & apply ZALA products.

Care & Styling

ZALA tape hair extensions are 100% Human Remy hair, which means you can safely care & style them like your natural hair.
However, as hair extensions don't receive the same natural oils to nourish them & keep them healthy, they will require some TLC!

use a high quality sulphate free shampoo & conditioner

Apply a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week

Always braid your hair extensions before bed

Use a hair extension safe brush to remove any knots & tangles

Keep Heat Styling To A Minimum & Always Use Low/medium Temp Settings

Use A Silk Pillowcase To Protect Your Extensions From Matting & Breakage

Re-usable Tape Extensions

ZALA tape extensions are re-usable and can be easily re-applied, with sets lasting approx 3-9 months.

  • 1.

    remove your extensions

    using the zala solvent

    after approx 6-8 weeks

  • 2.

    wash your hair & the extensions

    thoroughly to remove any

    leftover adhesive or residue

  • 3.

    have all pieces re-taped using

    zala pre-cut adhesive tabs

    and re-apply to clean, dry hair

Important Tips
  • Do Not attempt to remove tape extensions without zala solvent
  • Avoid using conditioner near the tape tabs when washing
  • Do Not apply any dyes/toning products to the adhesive area
  • Never Use Any Product/conditioner At The Roots Of Your Hair Before Application

For more tape hair extension care tips, as well as plenty of hair extension hairstyle tutorials, check out our helpful hair extension blog.
If you have any questions regarding ZALA tape hair extensions, please don't hesitate to contact our team here for assistance.